Miltos Manetas and Elena Carletti for Contemporarya


A meeting with the artist Miltos Manetas and Elena Carletti, full professor of finance at Bocconi, in the audio of this Contemporaryo by Mariantonietta Firmani, a podcast designed for Artribune.

Miltos Manetas and Elena Caletti

Inn At the same time You will find thematic meetings with authoritative interpreters of contemporary art and science, literature, history, philosophy, architecture and cinema. To investigate non-judgmental but concrete and future-oriented issues. Struggled dialogues to access new readings and awareness of existing systems: between local and global, between individual and community, between male and female thinking, to build a broader, deeper and more objective view of reality.

Simultaneity: Conversation between Miltos Manetas and Elena Carletti

Corn Miltos Manetas ed Elena Carletti, An almost imminent clash takes place: we are talking about man between art and finance, economy and earth. In 2000 the intense coexistence between humans and intelligent machines began, and the NEEN movement was born, which reimagines work and anticipates NFTs. University research offers freedom of time and creativity of thought. Finance is divided into three main areas: brokerage, corporate finance, and financial markets, an area that should focus more on how to redistribute wealth. Financial education should be promoted to make society more aware. Through Socratic irony to represent status as an existential dimension, the work is spoken of as an apology for post-capitalism. Finally, machines play an increasingly important role in the financial world as well.

Meanwhile Miltos Manetas for the podcast

Miltos Manetas Lives and works in Rome, New York and Bogot√°. Graduated from Brera Academy of Fine Arts in 1989. Greek-born painter, conceptual artist, and theorist exploring the representation and aesthetics of the information society. Founder of the first art movement of the 21st century, “Nine”, he has exhibited in the most authentic places of art, exhibitions, biennales and museums. A pioneer of art after “Machinima” video games and inspiration of the “postinternet”. Since 2009 he has created the “Internet Pavilion” at the Venice Biennale, now in its seventh edition in 2022. In 2014, at the Swiss Institute in Rome, he introduced the concept of “√Ďewpressionism”, which he continues to develop in social media. Techniques: “overreality” and “metascreen”. Again, with the “Tony in Documenta14” project in 2017, he uses the international Documenta exhibition to reinforce his concept of “mediosud”. In Rome, in 2019, at MACRO, he presents “Neoumile Modus Operandi” and in 2018 MAXXI realizes “Internet Paintings by Manetas”, a three-month performance exhibition. Represented by authentic international galleries, the latter Lev ManovichManetas’ art represents modern people in their particular modern environment.

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Meanwhile Elena Carletti for the podcast

Elena Carletti She is professor of finance at Bocconi University in Milan, member of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the European Systemic Risk Board (ESRB) and founder of the Florence School of Banking and Finance at the European University Institute. He has held positions at the Goethe University in Frankfurt and the University of Mannheim. Among other positions, he worked as a consultant to the OECD on issues related to competition policy in the banking sector and at the World Bank. He was a member of the review panel of the Central Bank of Ireland, the Central Bank of Norway and the Swedish Central Bank Riksbank. He has published in leading international journals on financial intermediation, financial crisis and financial regulation, competition policy, governance and public debt.

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