Millions of venomous flying spiders in the US – News

Animais são grandes, mas considerados pouco agressivos com seres humanos

A Asian species of giant spider The toxin has become an intruder on the United States habitat. The Trichonophila clavata, Also known as the Spotting Spider, still Wind currents can be used Travel up to 160 km with the help of a balloon made of nets.

Sorghum is found in Asia, Japan, China, Taiwan and Korea. Its limbs are about 7 cm long Bright colors, Making them attractive and valued among the people of East Asia.

But since 2014, they have been seen in Georgia, USA May have arrived in secret In containers from Asia.

According to a study by the University of Georgia, because they specialize in spreading even from their own territory, they were quickly spotted in various parts of the region, and today their population in the U.S. is estimated at “millions.”

Currently they are easily identified in the state, Thanks for the great web With messy patterns, done in as many places as possible – some can be found on mailboxes, porches and even power lines.

Using all these indications, scholars claim that in the US “they have to stay here”. They are more likely to spread to other states.

Despite the horrible size and colors, experts are optimistic about the spouting invasion.

Nancy Hink, an entomologist at the University of Georgia, told USA Today that spiders can repel pests such as flies, mosquitoes and bed bugs.

In addition, her venom is not harmful to humans and pets such as dogs and cats. In fact, Nancy claims that they “feel no interest in biting humans” and that sometimes their piercings do not break the skin.

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To help the natives spread the welcome mat for such terrifying animals, the scholars said that no adverse effects of their presence in the country have been identified so far.

Most of them should die in November, but they will lay millions of eggs, which will increase the number of specimens of existing species in the country.

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