“Millions of people can’t use it” .. “WhatsApp” has finally launched the best update of the app in years!

"Millions of people can't use it" .. "WhatsApp" has finally launched the best update of the app in years!

WhatsApp has finally released a feature that Android and iOS users are demanding. Unfortunately, millions of people cannot use the device when they start it.

WhatsApp has added the ability to transfer data directly from an iOS device to an Android phone. The feature means that WhatsApp users can connect Apple and Google devices with a cable and transfer their message library from an iPhone to an Android device. However, if you want to take advantage of this convenient feature at launch, you may need to purchase a new phone. This is because the new WhatsApp feature will only be available on Samsung Galaxy devices.

The feature was announced at Samsung’s latest unpacked event, and the WhatsApp feature will initially be available on the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3.

If you have an Android phone that is not made by Samsung, you should either buy a new Galaxy – or wait for the feature to come to your phone.

The feature will be available through the Samsung Smart Switch app.

This will make the transition from iOS to Android much easier, previously requiring Google Drive or iCloud backups to transfer WhatsApp conversations between devices.

While the WhatsApp feature will only be available to Samsung Android users, the good news is that it will be more widely available in the future.

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When announcing a new feature in Charter In a blog post, WhatsApp said, “One of our most sought after features is the ability to transfer chat history from one operating system to another while switching phones. We have worked hard with manufacturers of operating systems and devices to create a safe and reliable way. We are excited to develop the ability to transfer your WhatsApp history from iOS to Android. This happens without sending your messages to WhatsApp, and includes voice messages, photos and videos. To get started, this feature is available on any Samsung device running Android 10 or later. It will be available on more Android devices soon.

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To easily transfer WhatsApp data between your iOS device and Samsung Galaxy phone, you need a USB-C to Lightning cable.

You need at least the following versions of these apps on relevant devices:

Install Samsung SmartSwitch version or later on your new device.

WhatsApp iOS or later on your old device.

WhatsApp version from Android or later version on your new device.

Your new device must have the same phone number as your old device.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to transfer WhatsApp data between iOS phone and Samsung Galaxy device:

Turn on your “Samsung” device and connect it to the “iPhone” via cable when prompted.

Follow the Samsung Smart Switch experience.

• When prompted, scan the QR code displayed on the new device with the iPhone’s camera.

Click Start on your iPhone and wait for the process to complete.

Continue setting up your new Samsung device.

When you get to the home screen, open WhatsApp and log in with the same phone number you used on your old device.

Tap Accept when prompted and allow the process to complete.

Deactivate your new device and you will see chats waiting for you.

പഴയ Your old device will still store your data unless you delete it or delete WhatsApp.

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