Millions of Gmail users have been affected by the worldwide Gmail outage

Millions of Gmail users have been affected by the worldwide Gmail outage

Google Gmail Latest News: Google’s e-mail service i.e. Gmail has been discontinued. It has affected millions of users worldwide. Many Gmail users in India have complained about this. Users say that their Gmail app is not working properly. Along with Gmail, the Gmail Enterprise service was also affected. Gmail has 1.5 billion users worldwide. reported that Gmail was blocked due to a spike. As per the current update, some websites said that the Gmail facility is working fine.

A recent update improved the Gmail app’s search. In July, Gmail announced improved search and various new options. Google says its free email service will now work to provide users with better search results. According to a blog post, a search function was recently implemented in the Gmail app itself. Google brought this update after the result.

According to Downdetector, Gmail’s service has been experiencing issues since 7 p.m. Down Detector, a website that tracks the online status of apps and websites, also tweeted about the outage. It is not yet clear how widespread the power outage will be. Many users on Twitter have complained that the Gmail feature is broken and not working. On the other hand, the Google Workspace dashboard shows all the Google services in green, meaning they are running.

According to DownDetector, Gmail has been experiencing issues since 9.12 following user complaints. The extent of the damage is not yet clear. Twitter users reported that their Gmail was down.

Google’s mail service has affected more than 1.5 billion users worldwide. Gmail has over 1.5 billion users worldwide. Gmail tops most downloaded apps in 2022.

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