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Millions more will receive ESS at Port

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The ESS (European Spallation Source), a research facility in Lund, will be the most powerful neutron source in the world – when it is ready. But completion takes time. The government is now proposing to add another SEK 356 million.

The first sod broke for ESS in 2014 – the facility was due to be completed next year, according to the original target picture. But it won’t be.

The ESS was delayed among other things due to technical challenges and the epidemic. The budget has also not proven sustainable. Now, in the budget bill, the government is proposing an additional SEK 356 million for the ESS. The government office says in a press release that the proposal is based on an agreement between the Sweden Democrats, moderates, Christian Democrats and liberals.

Sweden and Denmark are the host countries for the ESS, which is being built on arable land outside of Lund. Construction costs were initially estimated at €1.84 billion, half of which would be borne by the host countries. The ESS Board – officially the ESS Council – has representatives from 13 countries.

ESS will have the most powerful neutron source in the world. Neutrons are released when the protons used in the accelerator hit a tungsten-containing target at high speeds. With the help of neutrons, various materials and their properties can be studied at the molecular and atomic level.

The facility is expected to enable future discoveries in areas such as nanotechnology, life science, pharmaceuticals, materials science and experimental physics.

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