Millie Lacombe: Socio-Political Demonstrations Show The World Has Changed – 07/23/2021

Millie Lacombe: Socio-Political Demonstrations Show The World Has Changed - 07/23/2021

In the first days Tokyo Olympic Games, From women who refused to wear shorts in the German delegation, issues such as gestures against homophobia, respect for gender, and the celebration of oryx, athletes’ position, diversity, and the fight against prejudice were addressed in a variety of contexts.

In your participation in the program UOL News 2020 OlympicsJournalist Millie Lacombe says the world is going through a period of study with socio – political manifestations and this is a situation that will never return, which makes the Olympic edition the most important of the last.

“I think they will be the most important games in our recent history. I do not like to say that this pandemic, this tragedy we are experiencing, teaches us things, because I do not want to learn anything from pain and suffering, but pandemic reveals things, in the midst of so much pain, and in the midst of so much suffering We are beginning to realize that we are not going backwards, ”says Millie.

“All these socio-political manifestations show that the world has changed and that we will not return to the stages of suffering that preceded it. We will celebrate the oryx, we will fight to wear the clothes that people want, to use the pronouns we are called and to be called, to use ‘chamodes’. Studying, ”he concludes.

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