Millennial in Vince Boric-

Millennial in Vince Boric-
From Sarah Gandolfi

The elected president (just 35 years old) collected 55% of the vote when the vote count exceeded two-thirds. Offers a break from the policies of its predecessors. The far-right opponent admits defeat

Chile turns left. Gabriel Borick, 35, is the coalition candidate I accept modesty (Left) Opponent Jose Antonio defeats Cast Dell Christian Social Front (Far right). Sir The youngest president South American country, The first of the millennial generation. He will be the Chilean president of all Chileans and will not only rule within four walls, he said in a phone call with outgoing President Sebastien Pierre. Boric will enter Officially in office on March 22nd Next year. Meanwhile, at the age of 27, he has already given up his barricaded look, full beard and hair, despite being elected deputy.

The wait – in our estimation, many times more – was short-lived. Ten percent point gap (44.14% to 55.86%). Therefore, half an hour after the polling stations close, the local time will be 6.30 pm (11.30 pm in Italy). Controversial leader of the right, Of German descent and son of a Nazi, Admitted defeat: The new president of Chile from today deserves all our respect, Cast said. Soon, Pierre also called Borick: I’m sure you’re giving me your best, and he’s going to tell him.

Thus, the highly tense and highly polarized electoral challenge came to an end, with the two rivals facing off against each other without hindrance until the very end. About 15 million Chileans called for a referendum In the end, they chose the former student leader who has been leading the Left Alliance since 2014. Broad front And the Communist Party. Before the Pandemic eruption, he presented himself as the man and political heir of the 2019 movement’s change that prompted tens of thousands of young people to protest against Pierre’s radical liberal policies. Massive demonstrations in the autumn of that year resulted in violent clashes with police and the deaths of about thirty people.

For the first time in three decades, the ruling forces of the country – viz Come to Chile And the past Concertasin – Did not come up with a candidate on the presidential ballot. In the final battle, Borik won the support of former President Ricardo Lagos and Michelle Bachelet. His left will be very different from the one that ruled Chile alternately with the right after General Pinochet’s dictatorship ended in 1990. His government to stay away from the economic policies of the last center-right executive, Which turned Chile into a laboratory of a kind of ultra-liberalism.

Caste had taken the lead in the first round of the presidential election, but his extremist stance – which he often praised Pinochet – intimidated the center and the moderates. For his part, Borick downplayed allegations that the Venezuelan wanted to follow in Chavismo’s footsteps, instead bringing together not only the young and the underprivileged, but also the middle class and intellectuals, suggesting a new paradigm of well-being. Strong development of the state and welfare state, taxation of the super rich and the fight against inequality.

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