Militia Show of Power in Libya, Tripoli – Ultima Ora

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(Ansa) – Tripoli, May 08 – Armed men stormed a hotel in Tripoli, the headquarters of the Libyan Presidential Council, last night.

Pictures posted on social media show dozens of gunmen huddled in front of a Corinthian hotel door.

Najwa Weba, a spokeswoman for the Presidential Council, confirmed that the raid took place “against a seat where the council meets”, although no representatives of the organization are present.

Local media reported that the militias in Tripoli were protesting against a recent appeal by Foreign Minister Najla al-Mangosh to withdraw foreign mercenaries and fighters stationed in the country, including Turkish troops.

Other media outlets reported in a tweet from the Libyan website that the leaders of the “Volcano of Anger” operation had reduced the size of the episode by saying that the alliance of militias that defended Tripoli in 2019/20 was aided by Turkey. From the attack on General Khalifa Haftar – they visited the Presidential Council at the Corinthian Hotel and discussed “some issues”. (On the handle).

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