Milinkovic-Savic twin. Outside Holland

Milinkovic-Savic twin.  Outside Holland

Marco Rossi’s Hungary, Iceland, Milinkovic-Savic of Serbia, Scotland and Northern Ireland qualify for Euro 2020 play-off final Bosnia, Deco and Pijnik were also excluded.

Milinkovic-Savic doubles, Serbia excludes Holland

Serbia played well in the play-off semifinals, beating Milinkovic-Xavi 2-1 in Norway. Lazio midfielder scored the scores two minutes after entering the final. The Norwegians find this out and extend the match to extra time, in which he still scores: Milinkovic-Savic. Serbia qualified for the Nations League Group B play-off final, ending 2-1. Disappointment for the Holland bomber.

Homsik passes Slovakia on penalties outside Bosnia, Pijanic and Deco

Bosnia, who beat Northern Ireland, regretted the penalty. The goals scored by Pijani and Disco from the eleven meters were not enough. The Irish, who reached the round of 16 at Euro 2016, will face Homsik’s Slovakia in the final within a month, always beating Ireland on penalties. Qualified there as well from eleven metersTo Scotland, who outscored Israel with a score of 5-3 Now he will challenge Serbia. The play-off finals are Iceland-Hungary and Georgia-North Macedonia.

Results of the semifinals:
Nations League Group A: Bulgaria 1-3 Hungary, Iceland 2-1 Romania;
Nations League Group B: Bosnia-Northern Ireland 4-5 (after penalty) Slovakia-Ireland 4-2 (after penalty)
Nations League Group C: Norway 1-2 Serbia (after overtime), Scotland 5-3 Israel (after penalties)
Nations League Group D: Georgia 1-0 Belarus, North Macedonia 2-1 Kosovo.

Euro 2020 play-off finals
Hungary-Iceland, Northern Ireland-Slovakia, Serbia-Scotland, Georgia-Northern Macedonia

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