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Mike Pence was 12 yards from the rebels, and the Proud Boys wanted to kill him, the committee says.

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Mike Pence’s day begins and ends: Donald Trump’s tweet and prayer. According to The Parliamentary Committee is investigating On Capitol attackOn January 6, the US Commander-in-Chief put pressure on his Vice President to reverse the election results.

The committee released the new information at the third hearing on Thursday. Most importantly, legally: Donald Trump has repeatedly warned that his plan to ask Mike Pence to reject voters during the certification of results is illegal, but he continues to insist on Twitter and in front of his followers. Who and when Swept through CongressThey found themselves only 12 meters away from the mic pencil During his evacuation. If this last point was already known, it would be crucial: in the opinion of an elected Democrat, quoting an FBI informant, Members of the Proud Boys He intended to kill Mike Pence if given the chance. A look back at 3 hours that shook America.

1:00 am: First salvo on Twitter

Two days ago, Mike Pence officially announced this to Donald Trump: he would not oppose certification of results. The legal theory put forward by attorney John Eastman is, in the opinion of Judge Luttig, who counsels Pence – is not valid. But on January 5, Donald Trump lied and announced that his vice president was on the same wavelength. At one o’clock on the morning of January 6, he called him on Twitter to ask some voters to reject him.

8:17 am: Trump appeals to Pence’s “courage.”

“Mike, it’s time to be extremely brave,” Trump insisted on Twitter.

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10:02 am: Pence issues an official statement

The vice president posted the statement on Twitter, along with his legal adviser, Greg Jacob. He explains why a vice president is only used to count votes in an electoral college.

10:58 am: Members of the Proud Boys go to the Capitol

Members of the Proud Boys head to Capitol, about 2.5 miles[2.5 km]from Ellipse Park, where Donald Trump will be preaching.

11:20 am: Abuse on the phone

Donald Trump is angry at the White House. There are many mentors there, including his sons Don Jr., Eric and Ivanka. He calls his vice president. According to video footage recorded by Ivanka Trump before the committee, the conversation was “heated”. According to Nicholas Luna, a former aide to the president, Trump told Pence that he was a “wimp” and regretted choosing him as his partner five years ago. Then comes the insult leaked into the book Bob Woodward, Robert Costa : Trump calls Pence “pussy” (an obscene word close to “Fiot”), Julie Radford confirms, Chief of Staff D Ivanka Trump.

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12:15 pm: Trump warns Pence during his speech

The President of the United States addresses his followers. He again calls for Mike Pence to intervene in Congress. “If you don’t, I’m very disappointed,” Trump warns.

2:13 pm: First rioters enter the Capitol

Among them is a member of the Proud Boys.

2:24 pm: “Mike Pence did not have the courage,” Trump tweeted

“Mike Pence did not have the courage to do what he had to do to protect our country and our constitution,” the US president wrote on Twitter. “He threw oil on the fire,” accuses one of Pence’s aides. An FBI correspondent claims that members of the Proud Boys accused of treason intended to kill Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi if given the chance.

2:26 pm: Mike Pence evacuated

The Vice President of the Secret Service is taken to an office near the Senate. Then, through a ladder, to a Capitol bunker. The rebels are crossing a corridor a dozen yards away from Mike Pencil. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Mike Pence (yellow) found the Capitol a dozen meters away from the rebels.
Mike Pence (yellow) found the Capitol a dozen meters away from the rebels. – Congress

4:19 pm: Trump calls on rioters to go home

The video posted by Donald Trump on Twitter captures a photo from the National Archives of Mike Pence looking at it, in which the US President calls on the rebels to go home. In all, Mike Pence remained underground for more than four hours. Some are trying to evict him from the capital. But he refuses to give the world the image of a “vice president of the United States.” Conservative Judge Michael Luttig assured the committee: “If Vice President Pence had obeyed the orders of his president (…), it would have plunged the United States into a revolution in the midst of the first crisis, constitutionally (…), for the first time since the founding of the Republic.”

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