Mike Myers dreams of a ‘Shrek’ movie a year

Mike Myers dreams of a 'Shrek' movie a year

This character has a special place in Mike’s heart and he is “thrilled” to give this character a voice every year. In an interview with GQ, Mike revealed: “I love playing Shrek. I would be happy if I could do one Shrek a year.” The ‘Austin Powers’ star added how Shrek turns into a “dramatic role”. He explained: “There’s an emotional center. You know the old joke: I do not want to be a member of a club that recognizes me as a member. I have always felt that way. Mike reveals that Shrek is actually Canadian and not Scottish. “When Shrek approached me, I did it first as a Canadian and then re-recorded as a Scottish because it was the most functional. [Akzent] Thought. And I love Scots. I have a Scottish ancestry. I’m mainly English, but Liverpool is the focal point of life between Scotland, England and Ireland, “Myers revealed.

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