Microsoft’s new operating system affects the performance of some SSD hard drives

Microsoft's new operating system affects the performance of some SSD hard drives

The release of a new operating system is rarely a smooth river Windows 11 Not an exception. According to several discussion threads on Reddit and support forums
Microsoft, Significant performance issues affect some SSDs in Windows 11.

NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) SSDs, a new data storage and transport protocol designed for flash drives and SSDs and infected SSDs. The problems encountered seem to differ between models SSD. Therefore, some users find that their reading speed is particularly slow, while others find that their writing speed is slower than Windows 10.

Windows 11 strongly influences the performance of some SSDs – Geeko
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Decrease in performance up to 80%

User MJ_JasonM reports Microsoft Forums Compared to Windows 10, the write performance of its SSDs has dropped by almost half. Users Mussels84 meanwhile published comparisons Reddit Writing speeds decline by up to 80% of normal performance.

Various tests have shown that problems can occur only on disks with Windows 11 installed. Once connected as a secondary storage device, their performance seems to return to normal.

Microsoft has indicated that it is currently working to resolve this issue, but no further details have been released. Now, if you have an NVMe SSD, it’s best to stick with Windows 10.

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