Microsoft update to make your life easier

Microsoft update to make your life easier

As always, Windows 11 was viewed with considerable skepticism by users shortly after Microsoft announced its launch. While some concerns turned out to be useless, others became a reality, and their materialization caused a wave of dissatisfaction, as we see below.

In particular, at some point, Microsoft The user made a very unwise decision to complicate the way they choose their browser, and many of them tried to install it. Windows 11 The default windows, which have been struggling for years to “put around our necks”, are stuck on the edge.

So to choose something else, you have to run it manually, a task that can be difficult for an entry level user.

In fact, according to the theories that have not been confirmed to be true, despite the speculation, Edge (i.e., the browser you normally use to download Firefox, Chrome Or something else).

Microsoft Edge, the true successor to Internet Explorer, does not seem to be able to recover its “grandfather” notoriety, no matter how hard the developers try.

After the “protests”, Microsoft went back to a few more reliable methods, allowing you to re-select which browser you want with a new update.

Windows 11 has received a new update: a useful one, this time

Recently, Microsoft seems to have changed its mind, so it’s released the KB5012592 update, which aims to fix issues that users of Windows 11 have recently encountered. In other words, the update in question makes it possible to select more. Simpler than your favorite browser, without any other hassles.

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