Microsoft taxed $ 315 billion in profits in Ireland

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Irish affiliate of Microsoft Recorded last year Profit of about $ 315 billion (approximately 0 260 billion), Separate The parent company has a dividend of more than $ 55 billion (more than 45 billion) Without paying a penny TaxesThank you for your stay Tax base. This is the situation Microsoft Round Island One, British newspaper condemned Patron, Quoting figures submitted by the same subsidiary Digital Multinational atRegistration Office of Irish Companies, Irish Business Register.

The company had reported until June 2020 $ 314.7 billion (259,5 In billions of euros) in profit Founded Colossus Bill Gates Not paid Taxes, Has Registered Office Inside Ireland ma Residence Tax Everything Bermuda Islands, Where corporate income tax is not applicable. Not only that: in the same financial year the company paid the American parent company Dividends of $ 24.5 billion ($ 20.2 billion) Still Extraordinary dividend of $ 30.5 billion (.15 25.15 billion).

This figure is even more remarkable in comparison Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Irish last year, almost the same 357 billion euros. In short, last year’s appendix Microsoft Registered Profit is equal More than 72 percent of GDP Dell ‘Ireland, Without paying the relative Taxes. All of this is legal.

Microsoft Round Island One, The registered office is located in the offices of the law firm Mathewson, On the banks of the river Liffey Dublin, Confirms in his accounts that “there are no employees other than the directors”. “Because the company Financial resident Everything Bermuda, Nothing Tax It can be deducted from the income “.

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The meeting is scheduled for today and tomorrow and the complaint comes within hours London In between Finance Ministers Of G7, In which we will discuss a New international agreement against tax evasion by multinational companies And a U.S. proposal to impose Low tax globally, Considering the meeting of the seven heads of state and the heads of state expected at the end of the month Cornwall.

According to a study published by the British in late May Fair Tax Foundation, American tech giants over the past ten years Amazon, Facebook, Alphabet (Owner of Google), Netflix, Apple e Saved by Microsoft 96 billion ($ 79.29 billion) Of Taxes, Takes advantage of the possibility of relocation to one’s residence Tax systems.

These six between 2011 and 2020 Digital multinational companies They paid $ 219 billion (180.6 billion.) Of Taxes In income, Exceeding 3.6 percent of their total income $ 6 trillion (Over 4 4,950 billion).

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