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Microsoft signs $ 1 billion deal with US military to develop advanced reality headsets | iHLN

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Technical Concern Microsoft has won a $ 1 billion contract from the U.S. military. The company will provide screen augmented reality headsets for the next ten years. In such headsets, real image technology can be used to interact with other components. The value of the deal is approximately $ 22 billion ($ 18.75 billion).

Microsoft believes that a commercially available hollow lens based headset that can attach digital images to the original image will make soldiers’ work safer and more efficient. The display, which is used by soldiers for combat and training, uses sensors for night vision and thermal vision. In addition, the headset provides information on attacking targets and making strategic decisions.

The U.S. Department of Defense has entered into a five-year construction contract. This will further increase the value of the contract.

Make money

The Pentagon said at the end of last year that it was committed to signing a $ 10 billion ($ 8.5 billion) Cloud Cloud Computing Agreement – Network for Hardware, Software, and Data – to the Microsoft Grant. This is happening despite rival Amazon claiming that former President Donald Trump interfered unnecessarily in the tender process.

According to experts, the deal shows that Microsoft can make money from reality offers developed in the Army. In addition, the current deal could lead to more widespread use of technology by private companies and consumers.


Microsoft recently launched a platform called Mesh, in which colleagues can collaborate remotely as if in the same room, use extended reality glasses and influence cloud computing. In addition to Microsoft, Apple, Google and Facebook are also investing in such ‘reality’ systems.

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