Microsoft provides a temporary solution for the blue screen in the March 2021 update

Cumulative update for March 2021 The release last week caused a lot of trouble for Microsoft (Microsoft) – User led. Attempting to print on multiple types of printers can cause computers to display a ‘blue death screen’ for a variety of reasons. The company has now released a temporary bypass solution.

According to Microsoft’s publication, not all printers make an error, depending on the driver type: “After installing the update KB5000802, you may encounter a blue screen APC_INDEX_MISMATCH error while trying to print on some printers with certain applications.”

Anyone who installs the update and sends a document to print and does not face a blue screen is probably not affected by the bug. However, for those who are still afraid, Microsoft has released Suggestions Describes how to identify the type of device installed on a computer and how to perform a temporary bypass.

This blockage affects all versions of Windows 10 from 1803 until the latest major update, 20h2. All of these versions received an update this month, mainly to remove Adobe Flash support from the system.

Now a full solution has not yet been released, and Microsoft has delayed updating until the issue becomes clear. The company may wait for the April cumulative update until repairs are made, while users can uninstall the update or try reinstalling the system through the computer control panel.

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