Microsoft makes $ 315 billion profit in Ireland (75% of GDP), tax-free zero –

Microsoft makes $ 315 billion profit in Ireland (75% of GDP), tax-free zero -

It is possible to make a profit $ 315 billion Don’t even have to pay a Euro tax? Yes. Irish affiliate Microsoft «Round Island One Limited», Controlled by an established group of Bill Gates collecting license fees for the use of copyrighted Microsoft software worldwide. In 2020, the company had a record profit of $ 314.7 billion. Thanks to the Bermuda Paradise Tax Residency for not taxing corporate profits, He did not pay any taxesIn Ireland. Zero. Nisba. In Bermuda, the company has a tax address but no employees except three directors (all residing in the USA). The fact that the British newspaper “Guardian” pointed out was taken from the financial statements published by the same company.

GDP of Microsoft and Ireland

Zero tax on a turnover, which is not far from the amount National GDP Irish 2020: 357 billion euros, or 437 billion dollars. In fact, Microsoft deducts about three-quarters of the country’s revenue from Irish taxes. According to the Irish Times, which raised the case, revenue doubled 55 billion dividend To the parent company. Profit of Ra Island is an islande, Founded in 2001 by Sir John Rogerson’s Quay’s 70th physical headquarters in Dublin, they have literally exploded over the past 12 months: from just $ 10 billion last year. According to the Irish Times, the surge in profits is the result of surpluses and assets received by two subsidiaries each year: Microsoft Luxembourg US Mobile Sir and Max Holdings Limited. Company reorganization It had a net worth of $ 301.1 billion.

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La Corporate Tax

Tax evasion by large corporations and multinational corporations is an issue that is high on the agenda of world politics. Leaders – Joe Biden In the head – they argue one by one Corporate Tax Global. The agreement to make the US president’s proposal 15% will probably come G7 Starts Friday in Great Britain. Finance ministers from the Group of Seven Rich Democracies will begin discussions on economic cooperation in London. Biden’s push for a global minimum corporate tax At least 15% While important issues such as effective rates remain to be decided, the unlocked global tax talks have raised the possibility of a deal this year.

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