Microsoft has launched a new line of next-generation Xbox accessories

Microsoft has launched a new line of next-generation Xbox accessories

Microsoft has unveiled a new lineup of next-generation Xbox accessories, which will be available for purchase on November 10 with new consoles. First, new options for Xbox wireless and wired controllers will be introduced in two months.

In addition to the Xbox Wireless Controller already announced in Carbon Black and Robot White, users will be able to choose from three additional options this November. The first is Microsoft’s new Xbox wireless controller in Shock Blue, which is optimized for the next generation of gameplay.

For those who want to play on PC, Microsoft has updated its PC controller bundles to include Carbon Black’s new Xbox Wireless Controller. Players can now choose between the Xbox Wireless Controller + Wireless Adapter for the Windows 10 bundle for freedom of movement or the Xbox Wireless Controller + USB-C cable bundle connected. Naturally, you can connect these controllers to your PC using Bluetooth.

As you can see in the pictures published by Microsoft, these new controllers feature more inclusive, ergonomic design and performance enhancing updates. All the features on the bumpers, triggers and back case are textured PT, enabling more precision with easy access to the Elite Controller-inspired hybrid D-Pad diagonals and sweeps.

New Xbox Wireless Controllers

Additionally, a new share button has been integrated into the controllers, allowing you to copy and record your most epic moments from the controller itself. Images and videos can be shared on social media platforms from the console dashboard or from the Xbox app.

The new controllers can be paired to devices including the Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, Windows 10 PC, and mobile devices. Finally, Microsoft has revealed that they have updated their rechargeable battery solution and will now offer the Xbox Rechargeable Battery + USB-C cable.

The Xbox Wireless Controllers on Carbon Black, Robot White, Shock Blue, PC Controller Bundles and Rechargeable Battery + USB-C Cable will be available from November 10th. Battery + USB-C cable costs $ 25.

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