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Microsoft also entered the metawase through 3D meetings

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Will that world of metawares really happen?

“It simply came to our notice then. There is an implementation plan. What is happening is that for its full realization, the FBI (Meta) needs a lot of people working in its construction as influencers outside or as autonomous creators. Meta has promised to pay them. You have to see how and how much. ”

If we become incarnations, will it change relationships and ways of communicating?

“It’s about the transition from nicknames or profiles to avatars. Another form of mask, in 3-D. The jump is more plastic and formal than the original, because we already use such a representation. In fact, it’s as old as the name or the word ‘person’, which in its derivation refers to a mask ”.

Can privacy be a priority?

“Privacy is very difficult in those areas. Let’s see how they solve that problem. Or, in fact, what happens is that we give up on it. ”

Metavas is a virtual world, where is the real world?

“It simply came to our notice then. With the material world. I think the two worlds, in part, coexist as they do now (reality and screens). Augmented reality and virtual reality cannot be understood without reality. ”

For today’s children, or for those who have not been born, will that be their “reality”?

Another reality of his. For their parents, it was cell phone, email, and screen.

You said on Twitter that it would be a revolution in creation and consumption, how do you imagine it?

“I think there will be free basic versions and advanced versions that you have to invest in. Now you invest in buying filters or video games. However, those who use metawares both professionally and commercially will invest more. For example, who opens their business in that parallel reality. It’s like investing in creating your website.

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Does Metawase give you hope? Or not?

“As with any great innovation, the metawares will have light and shadows.”

If the keyword is the future, how do you see the future?

“The future does not accept concrete predictions, but it does so in its general lines. I have tried to find them in my new novel “Membrana”, where there is a re-reality similar to metawares.

Developed literature and movies that imagine what will actually happen?

“What I imagined in my novel Dead happens in reality, but in other ways. There are already boats that answer our questions like the dead. They can be seen and touched through virtual reality. ”

Mario Vale recommends a series of novels, movies, and series to properly understand the concept of metawares. On the literary side, he suggests starting Snow Crash Neil Stephenson is credited today for creating the word. He suggests reading, because they include metavers, Saga Overseas D Todd Williams, Neuromancer By William Gibson Ready Player One Through Ernest Klein, you can see what it would be like if a single company controlled it, and its adaptation to a movie is equally recommended. In the film, he mentions Saga Matrix And Wachowski sisters Nirvana Gabriel Salvatoreus, Series A Modified carbon Netflix.

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