Microplastics are now present in 90% of protected marine environments in Ireland. I am learning.

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Increasing consumption of plastics is leading to large quantities of microplastics even in protected marine areas.

The Microplastic It is present in over 90% of the protected marine environmentsIreland. This was revealed by a recent study to understand the true extent of plastic pollution off the Irish coast.

The researchers conducted samples and analysis over a period of about two years: in the 87 protected areas analyzed, 79 microplastics were found, i.e. plastic waste less than five millimeters.

The microplastics found in Ireland are 34% polypropylene, followed by polyethylene terephthalate (26%) and polyethylene (26%).

The particles come mostly Clothing And sports Fishing equipment, But their presence depends on poor waste treatment and inefficient wastewater treatment. The abundance of fibers indicates that microplastics originated from dirt from sinks, showers, and bathrooms. Sewing machine.

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Although the highest concentrations were found on the northwest coast (544 fibers per kilogram of debris and up to 77 fragments), the southwest and southeast were less than 200 fibers and 22 fragments per kilogram, the results of this new research show that microplastics now a The problem is widespread across the country Practically ubiquitous.

This is clearly a problem because in addition to destroying the environment, microplastics are absorbed by marine animals and consequently by fish and fish products in general.

Furthermore, researchers are well aware that the situation is similar not only in Ireland but everywhere. When the plastic reaches the environment, it turns into smaller and smaller pieces. For over a century, we have been producing and consuming plastic, which is often not properly processed and deteriorates more rapidly than conditions improve, due to the protective equipment we use to defend ourselves against covid.

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Given the ever-increasing production of plastics, it is estimated that by 2050, more plastic and microplastic wastes will be generated at sea than fish.

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Reference Source: Marine Pollution Bulletin

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