Micron: Israel has added several European countries to its ‘Red List’

Micron: Israel has added several European countries to its 'Red List'

Until this Monday, several European countries will join Israel’s Kovid-19 “Red List”. The goal of the Israeli government is to restrict foreign travel to prevent the spread of the Ômicron variant.

The restrictions, which included most African countries, including the UK and Denmark, now apply to France, Spain, Finland, Ireland, Norway and Sweden. According to Israel, the United States could soon be on the red list.

The European Medicines Agency on Monday talks about the new anti-covid vaccine from the American company Novavax, which uses more classic technology than the vaccines currently in use, based on proteins that stimulate the immune response.

The European Commission recently announced that it has terminated an agreement with Novavox to purchase in advance 200 million doses of the vaccine, which is more than 90 percent effective against Kovid-19.

In France, Labor Minister Elizabeth Bone is meeting this Monday with the heads of large companies to discuss the compulsory use of health passports in the workplace.

On Sunday, the French government announced that by the end of January 2022, the health passport would become a vaccine passport.

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