Micron: 1 million cases in UK by end of the month | Coronavirus

Micron: 1 million cases in UK by end of the month |  Coronavirus
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Cases in the UK could reach one million, says Sajid Javed

UK Health Secretary Sajid Javed told the European television channel Sky News on Thursday that there could be as many as one million cases of the Ômicron variant in the UK by the end of this month. The statement came shortly after British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced “Plan B” to curb the spread of the variant.

According to Javed, double the duration of cases caused by Ômicron is two and a half to three days. Due to this forecast, the Secretary pointed out the importance of Plan B announced by the British Prime Minister to prevent further spread of the South African variant and the overburden on health services.

“It is spreading faster than any other variant of the Kovid-19 virus we have ever seen.

The secretary recalled that the government had always said that if the data changed and went in the wrong direction, the British National Health Service would face unbearable pressure, which would have repercussions not only on Kovid patients but also on health care. 19.

“It’s very difficult to ask a lot of people to work from home or wear a mask. This is a real impact on our freedom,” Javed admitted.

Plano b

On Thursday, the British Prime Minister announced “Plan B” to try to control the progress of the Ômicron variant, recommending remote work and the use of health passes at nightclubs and large events.

At the press conference, Johnson stated that moving to Plan B was proportional and responsible. This is due to the development of a new variant of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes Covid-19, whose data show that the number of cases doubles every two or three days.

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The measures apply only to England, while in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland the strict laws are the responsibility of the respective autonomous governments.

Kovid inspection for passengers

Since last Tuesday, the UK has demanded that all passengers undergo a Kovid-19 test within 48 hours of boarding, regardless of the number of passenger vaccines. The move comes after the first cases of the disease were confirmed in the omega-3 variant in Europe.

The decision drew a negative response from airlines, one of the financial institutions most distressed by the restrictions adopted to fight the Pandemic. The dosage will be temporarily and continuously adjusted according to the performance of the new Ômicron explosion.

“With the latest data, we have taken further steps to slow down the penetration of the Ômicron variant,” Javid wrote on his social media.

The Secretary-General also said that the British government had placed Nigeria on the “Red List”, meaning that only people from the country could enter the UK and Ireland, as long as they were isolated in government-designated facilities.

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