Michael Bolt and Andre Glad of The Sound of the French of America – This Project

Michael Bolt and Andre Glad of The Sound of the French of America - This Project

In collaboration with the National Film Board of Canada, we are pleased to present The Cinémathèque québécoise, Éléphant: Mémoire du Cinéma Québécois. 1980 by Andre Glad and Michael Bolt. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes. Le son des Français d’Amérique offers an overview of numerous musical performances related to oral culture and the Francophone fact of North American continents (Quebec, Acadia, Louisiana, Missouri, New England, Ontario, Prairie), not forgetting crucial European roots. And influences (France [Poitou, Vendée, Bretagne], Ireland). The book, which has undeniable heritage and anthropological values, was inducted into the UNESCO Memory of the World International Register in 2017. The cycle race will take place from March 3 to 31.

“The series represents a milestone in the history of documentary in Quebec and is a precious gem of the North American francophone musical heritage. The original elements of the Cinémathèque québécoise series have been preserved for over forty years, but the restoration of this monument to our culture requires strong, highly skilled partners such as Elephant: Memory of Quebec Cinema and The Office National du film in Canada. Said Marcel Jean, executive director of Cinematic Quebecois. Thus, since 2017, filmmaker Andre Gladu, producer Anouk Broult, cinematographer Quebecois, Elephant: Memory of Quebec Cinema and the National Film Board of Canada have been working together to digitize and restore 27 episodes of the series. The original components of the 16mm film are stored in the archives of cinematic collections, which were digitized by NFB, and Elephant took charge of the complete restoration of the series.

“UNESCO’s approval of the United States in the United States is to restore the public. America’s 27 episodes have been restored, many of which are completely substandard, representing the largest restoration project Elephant has ever undertaken, spanning more than three years and being completed by the end of 2021, “Elephant Director Dominique Dugas underlined.

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All episodes will be available on videotron via illico and helix, as well as on the Éléphant: Mémoire du Cinema Québécois website in February. To provide long-term documentation of this unique work, we now find on Elephant’s website elephantcinema.quebec a detailed and illustrated sheet for each of the 27 episodes of the series, as well as a general sheet that allows you to find everything. Listed episodes by region and country. For the first time on the web, it is now possible to familiarize yourself with this heritage treasure. In an enlightening commentary on this work, Andre Gladu, the series’ designer, writes:

“We believed it was more important to allow people to express themselves and their reasons for creating music. Instead of getting lost in the speculations with specialists about the origin of such a song or such a dance, let them explain to themselves how this music was received and transmitted. When we called in talented people in this area, we paid close attention to selecting people who were integrated into their environment and who experienced what they were saying rather than learning what they were saying. By making these films, we wanted to give privilege to the experience! ⁇

It should also be noted that the cinematic Quebecois team is currently working with the filmmaker on an online dossier dedicated to the voice of the French in America. This file includes, among other things, the textbooks of a dozen collaborators requesting expertise in music, French-speaking cultures in the United States and film, and unpublished archives that allow Internet users to learn more about this series of exceptions. The file will be available in 2022 on the Cinémathèque website cinematheque.qc.ca.

Since the 1970s, Andre Gladu has co-directed several documentaries about Quebec and the French-speaking people of the United States, most notably Le Reel du Pendu (1971) and Le son des Français d’Amérique (1974-1980). Aurèle Fortin (1983), Pellan (1985), Liberty Street Blues (1986) on New Orleans jazz, Gaston Miron – The tools of the poet (1994). In 1987-88 he designed the Muse DL Image N Movement project at the cinematic Quebecos. From 1997 to 2002, he was the producer of the Culture and Experimentation Studio on NFB’s French Program. Subsequently, as a resident filmmaker, he created: Tintamare (2004) and Maron (2006). Since 2014, he has directed a cycle of short films about Lanaudier’s traditions: Le Chant du Monte (2015), Mattavini “The Meeting of the Waters” (2016), The Spirit of Violin Trad (2018), Excuse me – La, the Other End of the World (2021). In 2015, he received the Tribute Prize from the Charles-Cross Academy. He received the Prix du Québec Albert-Tessier 2018 for the film.

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Born in 1928, Michelle Bolt first devoted herself to photography. In 1956 he joined the National Film Board as a cameraman. He has acted in a few films in the popular Candid Eye series produced by the English team. He gradually turns to the system, an area he identifies himself with with a portable camera, with which he captures Quebec’s changing identity landscape during the quiet revolution. In 1958, he co-produced the founding film Les Rockwaters with Gilles Growlkess and Marcel Carrier. In 1963, Broult and Pierre Perolt produced the Por La Suite du Monte, which became the first classic of Quebec direct film. He also directed the 1974 film Les Ordress. In addition to her work as a director, Michel Bolt has signed on as cinematographer for major works such as Entre to Et Vous (Gilles Groolks, 1969) and Mon Ongle Antoine (Claude Jutra). . He will have more than 200 films in his career as a director or cinematographer.

ÉLÉPHANT PRESENTS: THE SOUND OF FRENCH AMERICA Cycle Schedule and Tickets are available at cinematheque.qc.ca.

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About the Elephant: A Memoir of a Quebec Movie
Elephant: Memory of Quebec is a large-scale, fully funded project by Quebec to digitize, restore, preserve, and access all feature films of Quebec’s cinematographic heritage. Since its creation in 2007, Elephant has restored more than 230 movies, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on VideoTron’s illico video-on-demand service on Channel 900, illico.tv and Helix. Movies are available in their original version on iTunes Canada, Apple TV, with English subtitles, and in all the languages ​​of the world, with French or English as the official language. More than 50 of these films are available in Spanish-speaking countries with Spanish subtitles. The Elephant Website: Memoirs of a Quebec Movie, www.elephantcinema.quebec www.elephantcinema.quebec>, the largest database of information about Quebec cinema.

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Elephant: Memory of Quebec is a charitable project of cinema. For this purpose, Quebec does not receive any financial benefit. Except for the minimum amount to cover a portion of the operating costs of the platform, all proceeds from the distribution of these films are donated to the rights and creators of Quebec Cinema.

Elephant Gifts: The Voice of French America
March 3 to April 7

March 24 | 6 p.m.
In the presence of Andre Gladu
The Voice of Quebec, Ireland and the Metis

Workers’ Reel (Quebec)
[Qué., 1978, 28 min, num., VOF]And some music … (Ireland)
[Qué.,1980, 28 min, num., VOF]Free People (Manitoba)
[Qué., 1980, 27 min, num., VOF]

March 31 | 6 p.m.
In the presence of Andre Gladu
Voice of Quebec, Acadia and Louisiana

I Made With Music (Quebec)
[Qué., 1979, 27 min, num., VOF]Will they disappear there? (Akkadia)
[Qué., 1976, 27 min, num., VOF]wake up ! (Louisiana)
[Qué., 1976, 27 min, num., VOF]

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