Mia Griffin IX of France, Nicolas Roche operates after a decade

Mia Griffin IX of France, Nicolas Roche operates after a decade

Mia Griffin announced the remarkable result in France on Friday, finishing ninth in the second round of the Tour de Belle Isle terre / Creeze Brij Elites Dames. She crossed the border with winner Anna Henderson (the jumbo-Wisma women’s team) and ended up on top of the main group at the end of the complex phase to Bloomguer.

Her Irish teammate Alice Sharp also finished 12th. Megan Armitage, Kavim O’Brien and Emojan Cotter also completed the main set.

The 133km stage was the final stage of the two-day race. Sharp-finished Irish rider 22 hours, four minutes and nine seconds behind overall leader Henderson.

Armitage went from 59 seconds to 23 seconds. O’Brien, Cotter, Griffin and Lucy O’Donnell were part of the Irish squad for the 2.2-ranked event.

Meanwhile, Nicholas Roche will return to Europe from Japan on Friday morning, but he will return on Saturday. The Irish professional cyclist is going with his DSM team to the classic San Sebastian in northern Spain.

Roche participated in the road race and time trial at the Tokyo Olympics. He did a lot of work to complete his first cousin Dan Martin 16th in the first event and then 28th in the Olympic time trial.

La Clasica San Sebastian is one of his favorite events of the year. Roche finished fifth, eighth, ninth and tenth in previous editions.

This is his last year with the DSM team and this time he has more motivation as he is looking for a professional contract for 2022.

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After the classic San Sebastian, the 37-year-old will be on tour in Poland from August 9 to 15. He usually travels to Vulta A Espana in August, but is not part of the team this season.

Tour de Belle Isle terre / Creeze Braise Elite Ladies, France (2.2)

Phase 1, Calcutta to Pontreux (Thursday): 1 Anna Henderson (Team Jumbo-Wisma Woman) 124.2 km 3 hours 8 minutes 46 seconds, 2P George (Team DSM), 3A Coaster (Team Jumbo-Wisma Women), 4F McKayze (Team DSM), 5S Anderson ( DSM Team) at 53

Outshe has: 22 A Sharp (Ireland) 4 min 9, 23 m Armitage (Ireland) 5 min 8, 51 I Cotter (Ireland) 6 min 13, 76 m Griffin (Ireland) 13 min 32, 78 ° CO ‘Bryan (Ireland) 14 : 38, 81 L O’Donnell (Ireland) at 16:39

Phase II, from St. Conan to Plumgoir: 1 Anna Henderson (Jumbo-Wisma Team

Women) 133.6 km 3 hours 23 minutes 47 minutes 2G Verhulst (Team Arca), 3S Anderson (Team DSM), 4F McKeeze (Team DSM), 5M Van der Duin (Drops – Low Call)

Other: 9M Griffin (Ireland), 12A Sharp (Ireland), 29M Armitage (Ireland), 39C O’Brien (Ireland), 45I Cotter (Ireland),

DNF: L O’Donnell (Ireland)

Final General Classification: 1 Anna Henderson (Team Jumbo-Wisma Woman) 6 hours 32 minutes 33 seconds, 2F McKayze (Team DSM), 3A Coaster (Team Jumbo-Wisma Women), 4P George (Team DSM) Simultaneously, 5S Anderson (Team ) DSM) in 53 seconds

Other: 22a Sharp (Ireland) 4 minutes 9, 23M Armitage (Ireland) 5 minutes 8, 48 I Cotter (Ireland) 6 minutes 13, 66m Griffin (Ireland) 13 minutes 32, 69 C O’Brien (Ireland)) In 14 minutes 38

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