Mexico and Ireland are still in the battle

Mexico and Ireland are still in the battle

The most original imaginary frontier of the battle was reopened. Mexican Taco El Pancho and Irish Sheridan’s Irish Pub are back in business after a period of more restricted lockdowns. Respecting the rules of the city of Curitiba, there are new schedules for both environments, always following the recommendations: Monday to Friday, 5pm to 11pm.

Laws to combat Kovid-19 include more distance from tables, service with masks and sitting clients, reducing the capacity of homes and avoiding crowds. Reservations can be made over the phone at 99759-6000 or via WhatsApp. Liquor can only be sold until 8pm, following new rules set by City Hall.

Those who like to enjoy it at home still rely on delivery and pick it up from both kitchens. Search orders can be placed via WhatsApp at (41) 99780-0349, while delivery can be accessed via iFood.

Taco El Pancho

No chicken quiche.

Taco El Pancho is a Mexican cuisine. One of the most popular dishes is Ultimate Nachos, which is perfect to share. Horns corn tortillas, totopos, cheddar, meat, peppers, beans, sour cream and mozzarella cheese are offered in strips for R $ 69. Flavors include cheese, chili, chicken or veggies (first with mozzarella cheese, cheddar and guacamole). Each comes in at R $ 18 or three units combo for R $ 48.

Tex Mexburger.

The house also has individual orders like signed sandwiches in Mustang Sally’s kitchen. The Tex Mexburger, which retains the Latin influence of bar and restaurant, features natural fermented bread, 130g of short ribbons hamburger, bacon, onion rings, American spinach, barbecue sauce and special mayonnaise (R $ 41). The classic burrito is a wheat tortilla with mozzarella cheese, french fries, whipped cream, sour cream, frozen beans, and guacamole: corn machaka (pan, shredded meat, R $ 42), mignon strips (R $ 48), chicken breast ) Or Chili Seed Meat (R $ 32). Chili with meat options can be used instead of chili with soy.

Sheridan’s Irish Pub

Whether in classic cuisine or reinterpretation, the Irish-style pub highlights the gastronomy of that country. For example, the Dublin chicken portion has chicken pieces served with sage sauce and barbecue (R $ 59.90). Get an Irish version with a British classic Irish Fish & Chips: Bread Fried Fillet with Rotted Potatoes and Tartar Sauce (R $ 65). There is also a sandwich version: Fish & Chips The sandwich is filled with star bread bread fish fillet, rustic potatoes and tartar sauce (R $ 28).

Pastel Jameson style.

Individual options from starters to dishes are also part of the menu. The successful choice is a pastel Jameson stew filled with mignon and sauce based on whiskey and Parmesan cheese (R $ 21). Jack Daniel’s Bourgeois presents natural fermented bread with whiskey, cheese plate, caramelized onion and short ribbon hamburger made with special mayonnaise (R $ 36). You can transfer the meat hamburger for soy protein with the vegetable mixture.

Taco El Pancho e Sheridan’s Irish Pub

Activity: Monday to Friday, 5pm to 11pm – by municipal order.
Address: Rua Bispo Dom Jose, 2295 – Battle, Curitiba – PR

Information and Reservations: (41) 99759-6000
Take-away orders: (41) 99780-0349 (WhatsApp).

Delivery Sheridans:
Delivery Taco El Pancho:

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