Mexican archaeologists are forced to bury an unusual find in the ancient Aztec capital, Sociantafica.

Mexican archaeologists are forced to bury an unusual find in the ancient Aztec capital, Sociantafica.

A. plans to rebuild Historical monument In Mexico City to cover a discovery that attracts Mexican archaeologists. But why do they behave like this? How great an invention is this?

Well, this is a tunnel built centuries ago as part of the Alberdon de Icatepec. Control the flood Of waterways and ditches). It also served to protect the historic city of Tenochitlan from water, as Mexican archaeologists have revealed.

This city was the capital of the empire Aztec, With an engineering idea to avoid flooding due to heavy rains, however, the Spanish winners failed. Alberdon and other structures were built / repaired in the early 18th century, after several floods that inundated the city of colonial Mexico.

Image: INAH TV / YouTube)

In 2019, Mexican archaeologists from the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), Found A tunnel preserved by the cultures of the time. At just 8.4 meters in size, the tunnel represents a small slice of the Albardon de Icatap monument, more than four kilometers long.

Mexican archaeologists say the tunnel will be covered again

Although small, the team found eleven symbols, including a battle armor, raindrops, and a bird’s head. “One of the goals of our project was to get to know the construction system of the road, which allowed us to prove that there are no Hispanic pre – methods. The researchers explained. “Everything is Roman and Spanish influenced,” she concluded.

The purpose of this discovery was to expose the public to access to these Spanish and Aztec cultural elements, but it will not happen. As INAH researchers have announced, a lack of funding is hampering the construction of systems to protect the tunnel from destruction and other problems, which could happen if the exhibition does not have safety measures in place.

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However, they will not only fail to expose it, but will cover it again to prevent damage. In the opinion of Mexican archaeologists, the economic consequences of the Pandemic greatly affected this decision! Mexico is one of the countries worst affected by the Covid-19, where more than 240,000 people have died, raising concerns that the epidemic is on the rise.

Let everything be fixed as soon as possible, but unfortunately no one sees the tunnel discovered by our ‘Hermanos’!

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