Metrolink: Ireland’s first metro to be built

Metrolink: Ireland's first metro to be built

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It’s been 20 years now There are plans to build an underground line in the Irish capital, but no final decision has been reached that could lead to its actual construction. “Now it’s exciting The transport megaproject is starting to materialize“Says Irish Transport Minister Ryan. Here’s what it is.

Metrolink: Ireland’s first metro to be built

#MetroLink: The new Irish transport plan


Ireland currently remains one of the few European countries without a metro service, but it is about to make up for it. In fact, the Metrolink service would be built in its largest city, first proposed in the 2000s, but which now appears to be becoming a reality. With an investment of 9.5 billion euros, the project has recently been given the green light. Will make one 19.4 km between Dublin North and South consisting of 16 stations.

Being a new meter, the means will be completely Electrified Furthermore, with a sustainable metro line, it is expected to reach the EU target of zero emissions by 2050.

# The never-ending story of Dublin’s Metro


With Metrolink, subway Wall will be linked to Charlemagne, Dublin city center 25 minutes and the airport approximately 20 minutes to the city centre. It is expected that Trains run every three minutes during peak hours, but it’s not yet built that we’re already thinking about speeding it up. In fact, by 2060, it is expected to increase the frequency by one meter every 90 seconds, so that it can carry an average of 20 thousand passengers per hour.

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As said The idea of ​​building a metro in Dublin is not new. In fact, in 2000, plans to build an underground line progressed at a cost of £4.3 billion, but it was already expected that it would not be operational before 2016. In 2002, the service was planned to be built by 2007, but in 2006 the date was extended to 2012. With continued postponement, we came to the proposed Metrolink project in 2018, which recently got the green light.

# A light meter already exists

Although Dublin does not yet have a metro, the city does have a public transport service Area of ​​Cross City, A light meter consisting of two lines (red and green). Let’s see if these trains will eventually join a real underground subway…


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