Metamorphosis: A Dive into the Chambalimoud Foundation’s Science and Metavasis – Today’s Site

Metamorphosis: A Dive into the Chambalimoud Foundation's Science and Metavasis - Today's Site

The exhibition, which took place on May 27 and 28 at the Doka Pesca FL at the Chambalimoud Foundation in Lisbon, is now over. The The idea of ​​joining science, technology and art, and the use of immersive technologies, created a combination that helped to blur the existing boundaries between the real and the virtual.

This moment was a mockery of presenting a new program that connects and creates basic research in neuroscience to human health. The Chambalimoud Foundation believes this is the right time to expand our knowledge to a more immediate impact. “The program represents nothing short of an opportunity to revolutionize medicine around such pillars, utilizing behavioral neuroscience and world-class technology, creating a new medicine that complements and integrates with existing approaches. We aim to shape our collective future into a longer, more sustainable and more satisfying way of life for all mankind.“, As details of shared information.

Metamorphosis is a dive into a new type of fabric The power to engage and stimulate our senses and thoughts plays with the laws of understanding and creates a new creative space in which infinite realities can be created..

“Science seeks truth and understanding of the world, and art seeks to reflect human creativity and ingenuity. Selected parts and performances of metamorphosis give a kind of priority to a world that is immersed in research and treatment.”

Some of the works displayed can still be viewed online, and you can see more details by clicking on the image gallery.

Click on the pictures for more information

Details of the metamorphosis display can be found here On the Chambalimoodu Foundation website.

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