Meta was fined 17 17 million by Ireland

Meta was fined 17 17 million by Ireland

In 2018, the social network allowed for twelve leaks of personal data.

For violating the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Meta Group (ex-Facebook) A fine of 17 million has been imposed From the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC), its benchmark regulator in Europe.

The decision follows a DPC investigation into a series of twelve personal data breaches that were reported between June 7, 2018 and December 4, 2018. The regulator concluded that Meta had failed to take steps to protect the data of users in European countries. Union. However, this is an obligation set out in the GDPR voted on in 2018.

These fine sanctions systems, which we have updated since 2018, do not fail to protect people’s informationMeta’s spokesman responded. “We take our GDPR obligations seriously“.

A criticized authority

The DPC is Meta’s reference regulator in the context of GDPR, as well as all major European-based tech players based in Ireland. It focuses on complaints from Cnil in 27 countries in the Union regarding issues related to the processing of personal data affecting GAFA. However, peers have criticized the authority for slowing down the processing of files received. She is also suspected of being lenient with these prominent employers in Ireland.

Last year, the DPC considered imposing a 50 50 million fine on WhatsApp for non-transparency in data usage. The weakness of the embargo prompted France, Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands, Hungary and Poland to respond to the German census. ‚ÄúThis can lead companies to think that complete disregard for data rules can lead to minor administrative penalties.“, The regulators were warned. The DPC eventually raised the fine to 225 million euros.

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