Messenger, Instagram users in the European Union will lose access to certain features

Messenger, Instagram users in the European Union will lose access to certain features

Facebook has disabled certain features of Messenger and Instagram for users in the European Union to comply with new rules on data usage.

Messenger and Instagram users in the European Union see a prompt about the availability of certain features. “This is to respect the new rules for messaging services in Europe. We are working to bring them back, ”the message reads.

Facebook has not revealed all the features that have been temporarily disabled, but it has confirmed that features like voting are not available on Messenger and Instagram in Europe. Personalized replies to Messenger are missing, while stickers on Instagram are missing.

According to The Verge, the ability to send certain files is now disabled. Other disabled features include the ability to share AR effects on Instagram DMs.

Facebook has not confirmed when the featured disabled will resume. In a statement to the BBC, the company said: “We are still working on the best way to bring these features back. It will take time for people to work without limits and to rebuild products to comply with the new regulations. ”

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It should be noted that Instagram and Messenger users in the European Union can continue to use the core messaging and calling features.

Says the BBC ReportThere is nothing in the EU’s Privacy Policy that could lead to the deactivation of features such as stickers or ballots. It assumes the company is playing it safe to avoid violating local laws.

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EU privacy laws are aimed at restricting what companies can do with users’ messages and metadata. Rules prevent the monitoring or monitoring of messages and metadata without the consent of users. You can read the ePrivacy rules Here.

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