Mercury: Astonishing historical discovery by researchers

Planeta Mercur Descoperirea ISTORICA Cercetatorii UIMITI

Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun, and one of the least studied planets in our Solar System, and is permanently located far from the star in the center of the system. Scientists have so far sought to learn more about Mercury not only from images taken by space probes sent there some time ago, but also from astonishing images from telescopes on Earth or in space.

According to the latest findings, Mercury has been confirmed to be affected by geomagnetic storms, phenomena that scientists have not been able to confirm for decades, but now they seem to have done so. These geomagnetic storms will be similar to those on Earth, which is a very important finding about Mercury because it makes it more similar to ours.

Mercury: Astonishing historical discovery by researchers

No matter how large the magnetic field of other planets inside or outside the Solar System, Mercury will lead to new discoveries that confirm or disprove the existence of such storms, even if they have ionospheres. Scientists first discovered that Mercury had a current ring around it without touching its poles, and that the source of the planet’s ring was geomagnetic storms.

“The processes here are similar to those on Earth. The main differences are the size of the planet, Mercury has a weak magnetic field, and virtually no atmosphere. The rapid intensity of a ring current causes a major phase of a magnetic storm. Following the discovery.

Mercury made these two discoveries thanks to solar flares that transmitted energy to the planet’s magnetic field, so in their absence it would have taken longer to confirm the findings. At least 14 scientists have worked on 2 papers, and only 7 of them, and their findings on Mercury are significant for future observations of the planet.

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Scientists have not made much discovery of Mercury in recent decades, but a new spacecraft sent by Japan is intended to reveal more of its secrets.

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