Menstrual accuracy: The UK abolishes the “buffer tax” after Brexit

Menstrual accuracy: The UK abolishes the "buffer tax" after Brexit

This has been a contentious issue in some countries for many years. Across the channel, it brought together feminists and Euroseptics. The United Kingdom wanted to abolish the tax on hygiene products from 2015 onwards. However, a European proposal made this decision impossible. The country is officially leaving the European Union after January 1.

Today, I am proud to fulfill my promise to avoid stamp duty. Hygiene products are essential, so it is normal not to be subject to VAT, ”Finance Minister Ihshi Sunak said in a statement. The abolition was announced last March and its profit is estimated at 40 40 (യൂറോ 45) per woman. Some alternatives, such as distribution in schools, universities and public hospitals, have already been adopted. In Scotland, Parliament voted last November to make periodic care free for all women, a world.

5.5% tax in France

EU member states are required to comply with an EU directive that does not allow the tax on tampons and sanitary napkins to be less than 5 percent. In France, any product or service sold is subject to VAT (VAT). This is 20% by default but can be reduced to 2%. Tampons and sanitary napkins have been taxed at 5.5% since 2015, with deputies voting against government advice at the time. The fight, which was mainly led by the Georgette Sands Coalition, caused a heated debate in the legislature.

Irish exclusion and French alternatives

In Ireland, this tax does not exist: the BBC recalls that it was decided before the proposal was transferred to their law. For other EU member states, this exemption is not possible.

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In France, universities in Rennes or Lille distribute towel or tampon kits to students. At the national level, the Minister of Solidarity and Health and the Minister of Gender Equality have announced a budget of അഞ്ച് 5 million in 2021. Get periodic protection ”, an additional four million.

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