Men’s fashion trends for the winter of 2021

Men's fashion trends for the winter of 2021

Clothing inspired by casual wear in the countryside and winter sports. “Care” clothing, nightcore and marine-nautical inspiration are the main inspiration for the men’s collection for this fall 2021 – 2022.

The five major trends for the 2021 winter are men’s fashion

Leisure time, what is it?

Let leisure is a term used by stylists to determine the clothes that inspire us from the clothes we wear, even for walking or hiking. “Tt” comes from “tdor”, and in English leisure time is rest. This is an evolution that replaces the great trend of self-leisure. The “it” for “athletic” in wearing sports-inspired clothing even when you are not exercising in joggers, sneakers and track suits. A track suit is a zipped track suit top.

“In our spare time, we witness the transition from the city to the countryside,” explains stylist Thomas Silberman of the Carlin Creative Trends Bureau. These are the loungewear we happily wear when it turns green. “Following prisons, we observe and analyze an evolution of fashions on the part of a section of the population who want to be closer to nature,” he said. This is not about wearing technical clothing, it is about performance. The idea is to rediscover the long-term, buccolic and pastoral aspects of rurality. ”

Clearly, this leads to less technical, water-repellent, breathable, but technically invisible, non-technical clothing. We don’t pretend to be an athlete going for a trek in the high mountains. These are the clothes that can be worn everyday in the city. The fabrics are matte and the colors are natural. We also see Irish cable sweaters and barber quilted jackets in this trend. There are many military inspirations, including cargo pants, multi-pocket jackets, and jump suits. But Bermuda shorts, too, are pretty amazing in the winter.

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