Member of the National Assembly: ‘Children who study at home for a long time are at risk for mental trauma’

Member of the National Assembly: 'Children who study at home for a long time are at risk for mental trauma'

Many delegates in today’s discussion session expressed concern about the adverse effects on children of the process of teaching and learning online.

At a socio-economic discussion meeting in the National Assembly on November 9, Delegate Wan Ha (Deputy Chairman of the Cultural Education Committee) said, “The reopening of schools is a growing issue and of particular interest. Voters and the people.”

In his opinion, children who take a long break will experience psychological trauma. Online learning not only makes it difficult to ensure quality and efficiency, but also affects students’ eyesight and health. Children have no access to amusement parks and amusement services; Conversely, prolonged exposure to computers and phones can lead to addiction to games and television.

Despite understanding the situation, Shri. Ha shared with the Ministry of Education and Training: “But when students return to school, the safest solution in the prevention and control of infectious diseases would be the following: Do vaccines really guarantee children in the short and long term?” Mr. Ha said.

Representative Van Ha. Photo: National Assembly Media

Delegate Nguyen Thi Ha (Cultural Education Committee) said that in the past, the education sector and teachers have put a lot of effort and creativity into teaching online.

As a teacher, online learning cannot be replaced face-to-face, but it is an indispensable and optimal solution for imparting knowledge and ensuring the safety of learners in the event of a complex epidemic.

However, the same concerns about the difficulties and shortcomings of online teaching Ms. In her opinion, the quality of online teaching is not guaranteed because of many objective factors, such as unstable transmission lines; Older teachers have difficulty applying information technology; Learning materials for students are limited in quantity and quality … The government has started a program Waves and computers for me, But still not enough to meet real needs.

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“Long-term online teaching and learning causes health problems when teachers and learners have to come in contact with electronic devices and do not exercise for a long time. Students have mental health problems. .

Delegate Tran Tu Fook (Lieutenant Colonel, Deputy Director of Provincial Police) also pointed out that there is a program to assemble computers for children, but there are no figures for children who really need support and children who need help. Support was received for the next solution.

“In my area, many ethnic minority families are struggling to afford a smartphone or more than 10 million for a computer,” she said, adding that the government and the Ministry of Education have more accurate solutions. This problem.

The survey was conducted by the Private Economic Development Research Board and a newspaper VnExpress With 69,000 employees in August 2021, the cost of online education for children at the time of the epidemic was shown to be a huge expense for families.

Earlier, in a discussion session held on the morning of November 8, education during the epidemic was also a concern for many delegates. In it, delegates Duong Tan Kwan and Nguyen Wan Kan shared concerns about the effectiveness of online teaching in the context of the current situation. Lack of learning materials Ability of students and teachers to incorporate technology and innovate teaching methods in a new context.

On November 11, Education and Training Minister Nguyen Kim Sun will answer questions from representatives of the National Assembly. Ensure the quality of teaching and learning in the content of the interrogation, and continue to fundamentally innovate education and training in the context of the Kovid-19 epidemic; Online teaching and learning, equality in accessing educational and learning contexts among students in different regions; Reduce the burden of a learning program for students …

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