Melvin Jaminet successfully overtook the Irish developer

Melvin Jaminet successfully overtook the Irish developer

For Melvin Jaminet, this reception in Ireland (30-24) on Saturday, February 12, in a way, represents the ultimate mountain to climb. We saw him shine brilliantly in Australia in July, of course against New Zealand in November. But on the one hand, the XV of Clover and its recurring spark plugs serve as a supreme revelation. At the age of 22, the Uzbek player knew what he was expecting, especially against Italy, since last Sunday, when a high ball was badly discussed at the start of the first Transalpine Test.

We thought history was repeating itself. When France got off to a great start, the lack of communication between Jaminet, Cross and Penaud allowed Mac Hanson to choose leather to cool Stade de France (10-7, 7). But in addition to this danger, which was not fully attributed to him, Perpignanis performed well. Gibson-Park and Carbury responded to the presence of the often-tested “Space Jaminet” on high balls and cared for his understanding with his wingers on the field.

Kicking was confirmed once again in the practice of the game. Author of 20 points (7/8), he allowed the blues to breathe. With the accuracy of the surgery, Cyril Bailey’s right leg failed only once in the attempt. In the current match, he performed well, comforting the Frenchmen in the second round in the 40m.

The positive response from France's XV, just over an hour ago, through Cyril Bailey, widened the gap in all power.  The Blues are currently 27-21 at Stade de France.

His best performance could have been magnified if his last-minute effort had been received, but an Irish hand prevented him from winning. This interval shot was one of the rare inroads of the prudent zaminat holding the ball in his hand.

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Traveling 28 meters, all the criteria for Italian reception were the same (31). It also represents the second total of the French three – quarter record behind Damien Penaud (40m), but ahead of hyperactive Gabin Villier (19m) and Gayle Fico (24m).

Performance consistent with his first seven elections. In July, the kid from Hyras was never surprised, as France integrated in a way that surprised everyone in the group. We almost forget that this was his first tournament, and that he faced Carcassonne on Pro D2 or Soyaux-Angoulême at the same time last year.

He has played every game with No. 15 ahead of his rivals, more experienced than Thomas Ramos or Bryce Duleen. Jaminet, who personally described Fabian Galti as “a UFO” in November, is on track to settle in Fullback for a long time.

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