Melissa O’Connor of Losford leads Ireland to an international friendly victory in Lisbon against the Republic of Portugal –

Melissa O'Connor of Losford leads Ireland to an international friendly victory in Lisbon against the Republic of Portugal -

Deacon Lynch’s beautiful goal helped Irish women under 19, including Melbourne’s Melissa O’Connell, who beat Portugal 1-0 in an international friendly in Lisbon.

Portugal WU19 0
Republic of Ireland WU19 ….. 1

With the sunset at the Portuguese FA headquarters, the green-clad team felt more comfortable making the right decision and protecting the area from the ball.

Coach Dave Connell has renewed his squad with 11 changes to the team that started the first three matches of the mini tournament on Thursday with a 2-1 defeat to Norway.

Several new faces were impressed, including goalkeeper Savannah Duffy, who made her debut on the team, while quarterbacks Jenna Slater and Abby Tuttle were on hand.

Slaughter, who made a late impression on United in the SSE Air Women’s National League, won air challenges, broke the game and already played in Portugal, Ireland.

Without improving his eyesight, Portugal made four changes after the break, but Slaughter showed no signs of fatigue as he blocked all attacks.

Ireland did not put pressure throughout the game, but were able to take advantage of the changes and raise the pitch as usual for a team coached by Connell.

In the 52nd minute, Nicole McNamara and Emily Corbett took a free kick from the left and moved the ball into the area, but the bat knocked down his defenders with brilliant play. .

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Shortly after the goal, Lynch took Portuguese defender Ana Cruz out of the box, controlled the ball and caught Cruz and Jonah Fraser.

Portugal tried to fight back, but Duffy made some vital savings that they could not overcome, and Ireland’s late substitutes gave them time-bound energy and stability.

The next match is against Denmark on Monday. See it as an attractive and flexible performance.

Republic of Ireland: Duffy; O’Connor, Slaughterhouse (de Doherty 77), Toodle (Devani 77), O’Sullivan; Lynch (Brennan 77), Reynolds (Mangan 90), Slevin (Kinney 77), McNamara, Corbett (Watkins 67); E. Doherty (McLaughlin 67).

Portugal: Escuriao; Pressa, Rodriguez, Jaisilva, Cruz; Olive wood, tantas, kyoto, labcoat; M. Silva, Malta.

Judge: Teresa Oliveria (Portugal).

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