Mélenchon flies, majority of macron in equilibrium- Corriere.it

Mélenchon flies, majority of macron in equilibrium- Corriere.it
From Stefano Montefiori

According to initial predictions, the government coalition may not reach the 289-seat limit. Well Marine Le Pen, Rick Semmer missed

President Emmanuel Macron asks his people from our correspondent Humble, A method of saying that the result is as good as predicted but not unusual. Government Alliance Sync! Head-to-head projections provided, approximately 26%, radical left KnoppsJean-Luc Mlenchon’s New Environmental and Social People’s Union, Instead it greets a historical result He invites his men to campaign in the second round next Sunday.

In fact, polling forecasts at polling stations indicate that The Knopps He will not get a majority at the end of the election process So by all means Mlenchon – despite his declarations – will not be prime minister in a difficult relationship with Macron. Margin of uncertainty that still exists It’s about the kind of parliamentary majority that Macron enjoys The evening after the second shift: if absolute, or relative, as has happened in the first five years. Below the 289 limit Seats in the National Assembly will force him to seek an alliance with some other delegates.

Il National Rally Written by Penn in Marine A better result is obtained, An increase of about 19% compared to five years ago, when the leader seemed inactive and witnessed Mlenchon’s media-political explosion without much reaction. Usually the Lepinist party, in assembly elections, collapses after the victory of the presidential election, but this time it did not happen. If you add 4 percent more of the party Rebuild Dick Rick Seymour, The far-right slum reaches similar levels to the centralized government bloc And to the far left of the knops.

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Premier Elizabeth Bourne says she looks forward to her candidate’s final victory in the Calvados constituency. Sync! The only political force capable of gaining a majority in the National Assembly: Clear statement and all honesty, Despite various declarations, the political data of the evening is the most important for imagining France for the next five years.

The first round is already watching Some great exceptions: Former Secretary of Education Jean-Michel Blanker, Macron’s first-time heavyweight, after all Rick SeymourFounder of the party Rebuild After just 7% of the vote in the presidential election, he lost in the fourth district of Ware, which includes Saint-Tropez.

No one points out the fact that among politicians, especially those who have achieved a good result, everyone else is questioning: The dropout reached 53%, a new record (51% in 2017). More French remained at home than those who went to vote.

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