Meghan Markle Launches Hit Podcast With Serena Williams, Mariah Carey, Mindy Kaling

Meghan Markle Launches Hit Podcast With Serena Williams, Mariah Carey, Mindy Kaling

In 2020, the Duchess of Sussex signed an amazing deal with Spotify. Two years later, the first episodes of her podcast “Archetypes” were finally released, where she already got Serena Williams, Mariah Carey or Mindy Kaling.

In 2020, we learned that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle signed 21 million euro deal with Spotify To produce exclusive podcasts there. After a 35-minute episode was released for Christmas that same year, nothing else aired. But now the Duchess of Sussex is finally coming out « Archetypes », a podcast of her conversations with extraordinary women. Together, they want Check, disconnect and break the labels attached to women to prevent them from moving forward ».

Meghan Markle Invites Serena Williams to Her ‘Archetypes’ Podcast

The least we can say is that Meghan Markle is off to a strong start! Released on August 23, 2022, the first episode welcomed Serena Williams to talk about her journey, but also what it means to be an ambitious woman and the obstacles that come with a sexist society. baptized” A Misunderstanding of Ambition with Serena Williams This first effort, led by Dr. Laura Cray is invited to bring more perspective to the conversation so that it serves the public. In practical terms, And not just ambition.

Mariah Carey Talks Being a Diva with Meghan Markle on ‘Archipes’ Podcast

Released on August 30, the following episode welcomed Mariah Carey. It’s becoming increasingly rare in the media, especially since the latter locks her into the stereotype of a capricious diva. Along with Meghan Markle, she talks about the uniqueness of mixed-race women and the particular forms of negrophobia they experience. Episode ” The diva doubles with Mariah Carey » The testimony of actress Amanda Seales and specialist in feminist and media studies, Dr. Mashinka also welcomes Firunts Hakopian’s expertise.

Mindy Kaling tells Meghan Markle the pain of celibacy on “Archipes” podcast

The latest episode of ” was released on 6th September. Archetypes by Meghan Markle Welcomes Mindy Kaling The actress who played Kelly in the US version of OfficeBefore breaking out with his own series The Mindy ProjectAnd to move us with joy by creating My first time In the podcast, he talks about the ups and downs of his celibacy, not just from a personal perspective, but socially and politically. To explore the topic further, Singleton’s Stigma with Mindy Kaling » And gains from journalistic expertise New York Magazine Rebecca Traister to discuss the archetypes surrounding single women throughout history and their implications that are still relevant today.

Meghan Markle’s ‘Archetypes’ podcast is as much of a hit as it is critical.

So we can’t be a fan of Meghan Markle, or even a guest of hers This weekly podcast oscillates between personal development and social analysis with a feminist perspective..

Two days after the release of the first episode, “ Archetypes Spotify was already number one on the charts These include the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada people. Whether this success will last remains to be seen.

But, as mentioned Courier International, many in the UK media consider the program to be self-centred. ” Megan introduces her guest, tennis star Serena Williams, as she’s been busy basking in feminist triumphs since childhood. », sorry The New Statesman. “The podcast is a continuum of insults, nonsense and platitudes with Californian sauce”, asserts the times. « Megan’s podcast is mostly about her “, summarizes the viewer.

For their part, America is more excited. France is left to form an opinion about these “archetypes.”

Meghan Markle’s ‘Archetypes’ podcast Only available on Spotify.

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