Megan Markle stars in the remake of “Quiet Man”

Megan Markle stars in the remake of "Quiet Man"

The remake was able to reunite Gerard Butler and Megan Markle on screen.

There will soon be a remake of the classic Irish movie “The Quiet Man” (“El Home Tranquille” in French). Megan Markle has landed the lead role! They will resume the role once played by actress Maureen O’Hara, thus playing the role of Mary Kate Danaher. Now, although little information has been leaked about the project, the remake is being directed by Irish-American director Ariel Parsons.

A movie monument, to be renovated soon

Megan Markle takes Irish accent classes for movie purposes

Megan Markle – Genevieve – CC

Set in the beautiful film landscape of the original film, The Quiet Man, a remake of Ariel Parsons, takes place in the Swinford area and is located in County Mayo.

The actor, who will replace John Wayne, has not yet been officially announced. But some leaks suggest that Gerard Butler could answer Megan Markle.

His Irish accent, charisma (in John Wayne’s same register) and his outstanding performance in PSI Love You will make him a top candidate.

Thus, Megan Markle and Gerard Butler may be the new faces of the Irish classic “The Quiet Man”.

Now, Megan Mark is already at work. She is now taking Irish accent classes to fit in well with the character. We are curious to see what it will be like!

Anyway, this new project aroused the curiosity of the Irish. The calm man is considered a real photographic monument. It was an opportunity to make Ireland stand out when John Wayne and the best Irish actress Maureen O’Hara brought together the 2 best icons of cinema.


When a boxer returns to Ireland and falls in love …

The story is set in Ireland and tells the life of boxer Sean Thornton (played by John Wayne), who decides to leave his career in the United States after the death of one of his rivals. He decides to return to his native Ireland to live there permanently. However, he will soon be attracted to Will Red Danaher’s hostility. His love affair with Will’s sister Mary Kate is not going to help things

Remake filming is set to take place in 2022. Until then, sorry …

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