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Meg was real, and it’s huge, scientists say

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Meg is best known for attacking Jason Statham in 2018 (Credit: WB)

Scientists have found that the super-size monstrous Magellan shark is twice the size of any other living carnivorous shark.

Twice the size of an endangered species, a London The double decker bus is newly calculated based on the size of today’s sharks.

The Megalodon can grow up to 15 meters, or 50 feet, or three times the height of a giraffe.

The cartilage that made up the bones was not preserved as fossils, so it was previously calculated using teeth about 10 meters long.

The gigantic body size of sharks that lived around the world about 15 to 3.6 million years ago was discovered, after a more accurate equation based on the size that sharks can grow to this day.

Scientists published in Historical Biology have found that Megalodon is unusually large compared to the body sizes of its neighboring shark relatives, also known as lamniforms.

This image shows the size of the Megalodon shark (Otodus megalodon) compared to other modern (gray) and extinct (black) non-plankivorous lamniform sharks (Credit: Kenshu Shimada)

Kenshu Shimada, a paleobiologist at DePaul University in Chicago, said that although there are many fossils of Othodos megalodon, the biology of endangered species is not well understood because they are only known by teeth.

Magellan is thought to be one of the largest and most powerful predators ever to live, but the current average is only about 10 meters or 33 feet.

The researcher measured today’s sharks and was able to find a new estimate of the shark’s body length from the fossil.

Prof. Shimada said: ‘Studies show that the megalodon, which reached about 15 meters (50 feet), was in fact a liar tortoise because practically all other plankivorous sharks have a common size of seven meters (23 feet), the size of which is similar to plankton-eating sharks, such as whale sharks and basking sharks. Reached.

‘Lamniform sharks have represented important marine carnivores since the time of the dinosaurs, so it is fair to argue that they must have played an important role in shaping the marine ecosystems we know today.’

Artistic impression of a megalodon following two Ebalenoptera whales (Photo: Karen Carr)

After the age of the dinosaurs, the sharks became larger than before.

Warm-bloodedness has previously been suggested to lead to colossus in multiple shark species, but a new study suggests that the habit of eating eggs, which are unique in feeding early-hatching embryos to large sizes within the mother, is unique. For the regular evolution into the giganticness achieved by lamniform sharks.

Michael Griffiths, a professor of environment science at William Patterson University, said: “This is strong evidence of Magellan’s extraordinary size.

This work represents a crucial step in our understanding of the evolution of this oceanic giant.

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