Meets Racing 92 and Stade Franchise

Meets Racing 92 and Stade Franchise

By the end of the group stage of the Champions Cup, we know the posters of the eighth final. In the program: A seductive Stade Francis – Racing 92.

Seven of the eight French clubs have been knocked out of the eventful group stage of the Champions Cup. Among them, there are two Parisian clubs, and fate decided to bring them together. So, a week later, before moving to the 16/17 weekend U Arena, the Stade franchise will get its neighbor on the weekend of April 9/10.

Two completely different ways

8 way to get thereth These two clubs were completely different. On the one hand, Racing 92 won 4 more games than their group. Despite having two wins on the green carpet, Racingman still has great wins in Northampton and Osprey. By +102 difference, they finished first in their group ahead of Ulster and automatically fell to Of the group. A status sought by Stade Franകois players at the end of the suspense thanks to their last win against the Irish of Conach. Thanks to a small differential point besides Cardiff, the scholars qualified to be narrow. So they will face racing for a place in the quarter finals of the competition. As luck would have it the calendar is doing well this year, with the return match of the top 14 scheduled for two European weekends a week in advance so there will be two to three games in a row between the two clubs. As a reminder, Stade Franchise lost to Racing 92 in the opening of the Top 14.

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Another fratricidal dual and shock in the French program

The other two French clubs will meet on the 8thth Champions Cup final. Not only was last year’s European Cup finalists La Rochelle and the current top-14 leaders in the top 14, Bordeaux-Begles, a shock at the top, and inevitably a disappointment between the two clubs that were on target. This year’s European Summit. Stade Toulousein, the reigning European champion and the victim of the last match they lost on the green carpet, will face the Irish in Ulster unbeaten in the group stage. Finally, Clermont will have the heavy task of overthrowing Leicester, the contender for the final title, while Montpellier will face Harlequins without losing in this first round.

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