Meeting with Camille, a French expatriate from Ireland

Camille Castelein

We regularly visit the pulse of the French community in Ireland to share with us their experience on the Emerald Islands. So we asked 11 questions Camille Has lived in Ireland for 3 years.

1- Who are you ?!

Camille: I’m Camille, I’m 21 years old. Originally from Bordeaux, co. I moved to Port Louis, Laos, about three years ago, and now work at Aldi.

2 – What motivated you to leave France?

My darling I met at Bordeaux inside Pinder Circus. He comes from an Irish circus family.

3 – Why did you choose Ireland?

If you do not speak enough French to find work there, then why Ireland?

4 – What do you like most about your expatriate in Ireland … the least?

I like the fact that the population is smaller than in France. What I like most is the lack of diversity in the country (clothing, food, nationality).

5 – What is the biggest change compared to France?

Did you say paperwork? What is this? Irish rule is less stable than our favorite French rule!

6 – What have you lost the most since your exile in Ireland?


7 – What is your experience learning English? (Is it complicated? Is it easy?)

I spoke the English I learned in school, so it is not very common in everyday life. There have been some problems with understanding the accents between “Dub” (Editor’s note: Dubliners), north of Ireland or Donegal I, but it’s coming soon.

(Editor’s note: See our article on the specifics of English practiced in Ireland: Do you speak Irish English?)

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8 – What is your favorite food in Ireland?

I find Irish food much simpler than French. I have learned to love Brussels sprouts here and it will never cross my mind. Fresh brussels sprouts, cut into halves, cut in half, simmer 5 minutes, brown with a little olive oil and bacon, a delight!

Brussels sprouts with bacon
Brussels sprouts with bacon

9 – What did you learn from this international move? (In general or by yourself!)

I personally think the world has a lot more to do with his country and then motivates me to do things that upset me, not finding my words in English and asking for help for example.

10 – A good story to tell about your expatriate?

I lost because of the lack of public organization compared to France. “Aha this is pretty sure” (Note: Don’t worry, it will!) Is a verse we hear a lot!

Supermarkets open late every day, but the rest of the stores close at 5 or 6 p.m. Car insurance for people under the age of 25 …. you should probably sell an arm and a leg!

11 – Do you have any specific advice for a French person considering immigrating to Ireland?

Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day techniques that came from Car Law (an exchange for a French license and an Irish license can save you a few hundred dollars). ‘Euro) Speak English as our English Irish friends do not speak French!

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