Meet Barney, the giant dog who shocked the internet because of his size

Meet Barney, the giant dog who shocked the internet because of his size

A giant dog of the Boerboel breed that conquered the hearts of human sisters has now conquered the hearts of internet users.

The big two-and-a-half-year-old is called Barney, a South African mastiff (also known as this). Boerball), He lives with his family in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Recently, a post posted on Facebook by his owner, Phil Smith, went viral, revealing the size difference between him and the kids at home.

In the photos, which have already garnered more than 17,600 likes, you can see Barney gently playing with his ‘little sisters’, 6-year-old Winnie and 12-year-old Maisie, who are now in bed and dressed in pink. Heart shaped glasses ..

“He’s the sweetest dog ever! He loves to play in a park. He’s our only dog, so he’s best friends with our 4 cats and the Border Collie. He visits every day,” said Phil.

What’s great, it’s protection! He cares deeply for his family and no one can get close to the people he loves.

Phil claims he’s great because his size does not match his appetite, but he is not ‘happy’.

“Barney is very attentive. Surprisingly, he does not overeat and you can see in his lean muscles,” Smith said.

In the publication, many Netizens commented on the dog’s delicacy with children, while others did not believe he was real.

“God, can he be more handsome!?!” Someone shouted.

“I’m in love! You can see how precious he is. What a tender hearted love he is! That face!” Another praised.

“Is this dog real? He’s a giant.”

“I LOVE him !!!!! Look at his size! The size of his head !!!” The third commented.

Barney is really gigantic! The breed was originally bred by farmers to protect their land from predators, as evidenced by their African name, Borbol. The word “boyer” is an African word for “farmer”, while “boyl” means “dog”.

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