Medvedev: “Russia’s default leads to Europe”

Medvedev: "Russia's default leads to Europe"

Rome – “Russia’s default may lead to Europe’s default,” Dmitry Medvedev, vice president of the Security Council and former Russian president, said in a telegram. And Risks of EU countries They are not the only ones, Medvedev warns: “Anti-Russian sanctions will lead to excessive inflation in Europe,” he added.

The country’s difficulties were exacerbated recently by the US ban on the Russian government from making payments from current accounts in American banks a few days ago. Russia is obliged to pay its public debt in installments, not in rubles, but in dollars. Payment in rubles gives the result of “selective default, subject to analysis of circumstances and grace period”. So, as predicted, Russia still has time to pay in dollars.

Responding to remarks by European Commission President Ursula von Der Lein that Russia’s default is a matter of time, Medvedev wrote in a post today that “OK, give it a try.”

According to Medvedev, “the European Union’s economy is not very stable and people are losing confidence.” In addition, EU officials should expect a strong thank-you note from Europeans for the “excessive inflation that can not be caused by poor Russians, the lack of basic food in stores and the influx of refugees causing a wave of crime.”

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