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Cologne (DPA) – A “Tageschu” spokeswoman leaves feathers: presenter Judith Rockers exposed as a plush chicken on the Prosiben show “The Masked Singer”.

The 45-year-old pulled off a mask on Tuesday evening and did not attend the show. The revelation was absolutely astonishing – no one expected the “Tageschu” spokesman, and his voice is in the ears of many Germans. “It was crazy, it was a journey to another world,” the Rockers said. The audience ended their detour with “The Masked Singer”: in the end they gave the baby very few votes.

Born in Paderborn, the Rockers have been able to keep her true identity a secret for so long, on the one hand, she’s woven ten meters of fur and can hide anyone. . On the other hand, she hid the sound in every form – from the familiar “tageschu” voice. The result was a beautiful song that one could imagine in Duckburg.

“It’s about the same sound I use to talk to my animals,” Rockers said. “I always felt bad for the audience to hear this,” she admitted. “But: you told me it’s an ess deed, you don’t have to be a perfect singer right now. I hope everyone forgives me for insulting me.

“Togeschu” Chick skin glowed blue, but no member of the advisory board gave the Rockers a thought. Model Lena Gerke (33) and actress Jella Hayes (28) ess hitch. The reason: Hayes has “beautiful” and “such big eyes” “It fits,” Gerke believed.

The names of moderator Ruth Moshner (44), comedian Annette Fryer (47) and actress Iris Bourbon (70) were thrown into the ring. No one is really sure. Musician Rhea Garvey strongly opposed the bold bourbon theory: “She would never wear such shoes.” The hen was wearing white sneakers. Garvey decided it was not Bourbon’s style.

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Singer Anna Loose (50) was essed by the musician himself. His argument: In a movie about a chicken, he saw a tree house. “There are exactly these tree houses in Anna Loose’s garden!” He later paid tribute to the Rockers: “I never thought you could do that.”

Garvey – a little weird in an over-the-top dress – has been involved in a little quarrel with the chick for the past few weeks. The highlight was the musician’s slogan shirt, in which he declared that he liked the fried chicken. With a sovereign lyric, the chicken objected to one of his performances: “I’m not a fried chicken!”

There was only one kind of reconciliation on Tuesday. Garvey’s band Raymond once had great success. She was wearing a heart-shaped bib dedicated to the Irish singer. “I’ve already got it, little chicken,” Garvey concluded. He feels love now. “It’s completely changed.”

The Rockers said it was exciting to be part of “Masked Singer.” Usually she shouldn’t at all. “I was training here at this venue and for the first time I had the courage to sing into a microphone,” she reported. Also, the dress was heavy and there was always fluff on her face. Also, her usual work continued: sometimes the news of “Tageschu” was spoken again shortly after the shows.

In “The Masked Singer”, celebrities sing in elaborate costumes and try to hide their true identity. The Rockers lost just before the semi-finals, which are entering the decisive phase of the current season.

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