Measures against Russian sports

Measures against Russian sports

General – After the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian army, several measures were taken against Russian and Belarusian athletes and officials.

Many events in Russia and Belarus have been canceled or postponed this year. A review.

IOC: The International Olympic Committee (IOC) recommends that world federations and event organizers not allow athletes and officials from Russia and Belarus to compete in international competitions – under the neutral flag and without the national anthem.

Football: FIFA and UEFA suspend Russian teams from all matches. Among other things, Russia will not be allowed to participate in the World Cup barrage in March. Spartak have dropped Moscow from the Europa League. The UEFA Champions League final moves from St. Petersburg to Paris on May 28. Switzerland, Poland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Denmark, Norway, England, USA, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland do not want to play against Russia for the time being. Clubs such as Manchester United (Aeroflot) or Schalke 04 (Gasprom) and UEFA (Gasprom) have terminated their sponsorships or partnerships with Russian corporations.

Ice Hockey: The Council of the World Federation IIHF excludes Russia and Belarus from all competitions until further notice. Affects all Russian and Belarusian teams of all ages. The A World Cup in Finland will be played without Russia and Belarus. Russia will withdraw from the U20 World Cup in Novosibirsk later this year. Leading Finnish club Jokerit Helsinki will not play in the playoffs of the East European elite league KHL. Latvian club Dynamo Riga is also withdrawing from KHL. NHL severs business ties with Russia EV Sug suspends Nordstream’s sponsorship relationship

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Athletics: The World Association excludes all athletes, coaches and officials from Russia and Belarus from all World Series events with immediate effect. These include the Indoor World Championships in Belgrade in March, the Eugene World Championships in Eugene / USA in July, and the Team Walking World Championships in Muscat starting on Friday in Oman. The World Athletics Executive Committee will meet on 9-10. March to consider further action, including suspension of the Belarusian Association.

Formula 1: Formula 1 cancels the Russian Grand Prix in Sochi on September 25.

Ski / Snowboard: FIS excludes teams from Russia and Belarus from all remaining matches of the World Cup season. Exemption applies to all FIS divisions and competition series. The FIS had earlier canceled all World Cup matches in Russia this winter. So on the ski cross in the Sunny Valley near Chelyabinsk, in the aerials of Yaroslavl and Moscow, in the Nizhny Tag and Tchaikovsky, in women’s ski jumping and cross-country skiing in Tyumen. Norway has banned teams from Russia and Belarus from participating in its World Cups, which will be good until the end of the season. Swiss-Ski supports IOC and FIS sanctions.

Tennis: The tennis federations of Russia and Belarus have been suspended for team matches such as the Davis Cup and the Fed Cup. Russia and Belarus will no longer host international tournaments. However, individual players like world number one Danil Medvedev are still allowed to participate in international tournaments.

Bike: National teams and racing teams from Russia and Belarus have been suspended for international bike races as decided by the World Association UCI. Drivers from both countries are still allowed to compete for international teams, but not under their national flag. Competitions in Russia and Belarus will not take place for the time being, and applications for future UCI events will no longer be pursued.

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Judo: The World Association cancels the World Cup to be held in Kazan, Russia at the end of May. Vladimir Putin has been suspended as honorary president of the World Association.

Taekwondo: Putin’s black belt withdrawn by the World Association.

Sportswear Climbing: The International Association of Russia withdrew from hosting the Bouldering and Speed ​​World Cup Opener in Moscow in early April.

Basketball: Russian teams excluded from Euro League and Euro Cup.

Handball: All upcoming home games of clubs or national teams from Russia and Ukraine will be replaced by the European Federation, the games must be played on a neutral ground. Two matches between Greece and Belarus will be postponed indefinitely to qualify for the Women’s European Championships later this year.

Figure Skating / Speed ​​Skating: The World Association bans athletes from Russia and Belarus. Among other things, you are barred from participating in the Figure Skating World Championships, the All-Round World Championships for Speed ​​Skaters, and the Short Track World Championships.

Volleyball: FIVB Russia has withdrawn from hosting the Men’s World Cup, which runs from August 26 to September 11.

Swimming: According to the World Association of FINA, athletes from Russia and Belarus are allowed to compete in international competitions only under the neutral flag and without the national anthem. FINA cancels Junior World Championships in Kazan at the end of August.

Gymnastics: The World Association cancels all planned World Cups and World Challenge Cups in Russia and Belarus, with no new events for either country in the near future.

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Tobogganing: The Natural Track Luge World Cup final in Moscow has been canceled.

Horseback riding: All international competitions in Russia and Belarus are suspended by the World Equestrian Federation FEI.

Badminton: The World Association cancels all events in Russia and Belarus. Athletes from Russia and Belarus have been excluded from the competition.

Weightlifting: The World Weightlifting Federation has excluded Russia from the European Youth Championships in Kazan in August.

Chess: The Chess Olympiad will not be held in Moscow from July 26 to August 8. All international matches in Russia and Belarus were canceled. FIDE, the World Association, terminates contracts with Russian companies.

Rugby: The World Governing Body World Rugby has suspended Russia and Belarus from all international rugby and cross-border rugby club activities.

Triathlon: After the decision of the World Association, Russians and Belarusians are no longer allowed to start.

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