Meaning of a draw against Italy in Belfast

Meaning of a draw against Italy in Belfast

The value of the draw against Italy on Sunday evening can only be measured by the measure of the result obtained in Belfast against Northern Ireland. A win at Windsor Park would give St. Jacob’s 0-0 full meaning and allow Murat Yak to take Switzerland one step further on the road leading to Qatar. On the other hand, the situation is always clear: six games must be won at any cost, two must not be lost. In light of Italy’s draw against Bulgaria, Switzerland are currently virtually number one in Group C, once Bulgaria (November 15), the Yakin national team will be one step away from direct qualification.

On occasions when Switzerland came on the field with the Underdogs, they practically never failed. After conceding defeat to Slovenia (1-0) seven years ago, betting expectations have been confirmed in 21 of 21 qualifiers (Euros or World Cups), with a winning rate of over 90% and a goal difference of 62.10. The other two games ended in a draw: Russia beat Northern Ireland 0-0 at Basel in the 2018 play-offs (irrelevant result in any case) and 1-1 at Air in 2019.

Switzerland have fond memories of Windsor Park after winning 1-0 in the first quarter of the November 2017 playoffs. But they certainly learned an important lesson from that challenge: playing against a British team is never about walking in the park. Reminding Yakin of his followers is a lesson he does well, because it requires maximum concentration and, above all, maximum physical exertion. Also, if possible, a certain amount of concrete on the aggressive front. Against Italy, the Swiss defended in order, but the Belfast match will develop on a completely different canvas. Rossocrociati will have to play the game, and Yak has the task of finding criminal solutions that cannot be created against the Assyrians … «We need more infiltration power – Basel coach confirms -. We need to be more present in the opponent’s area, but at the same time be very patient. Against Italy we were able to spread the ball and hold the best ball, proving that we know how to play football. However, we know we will be loved, so the match in Belfast will be more demanding than the match against Italy in terms of mental effort. At the physical level we have to be prepared and determined, because if you let them play they can be dangerous.

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Yak can count on Remo Frooler’s (disqualified against Azuri) return to the team, however taking the field at Windsor Park will be the rebuilt Switzerland. Going forward, we expect a more intense Subaru than on Sunday and a Seferovic capable of regaining at least part of the form he displayed at the European Championships. In addition, Vargas’ speed and technical prowess can prove to be very useful.

Switzerland returns to Lugano

According to the site rsi.chThe Rosocrosiata national team will face Lugano in the last two matches of the qualifying campaign, Italy (12 in Rome) and Bulgaria (15 in Lucerne) before a double clash in November. The national team has been missing from Ticino since 2018, when they faced Qatar in a friendly in Cornerdo and then in the last Nations League match against Belgium in Lucerne.

Northern Ireland, a team to be rebuilt

This is a different Northern Ireland, something that Switzerland will find after Russia’s playoffs in 2018. On the pitch as well as in the community. If the Rossocrociati had experienced a perfectly calm Belfast in November 2017, despite fears of a Brexit, in 2021 the northern Irish capital would have rekindled fire in the ashes, and clashes between unionists, separatists and police resumed. Forces. At the base, Brexit itself decided to keep Northern Ireland open to the public (not to disconnect from the air) as a result of a kind of trade barrier with other parts of Great Britain. Making trade more difficult and preventing food shortages on supermarket shelves.

In short, the situation remains tense, especially around the “Line of Peace”, the walls that continue to divide Catholic neighborhoods from Protestants. As the atmosphere within a national team became tense after the glory of 2016 (round 16 of the Euros) (round 16 of the Euros), Rodriguez at the last minute, including Russia’s best campaign before 2018, with a home defeat in the playoffs (non-existent penalty converted by Rodriguez). Basel made a sensational save 0-0. The Irish will play tonight as their last chance to continue dreaming of their presence in Qatar. With 4 points from 3 games, they can no longer lose a ground. Directed by Ian Barracklow, the team is in the process of being rebuilt, with a new coach and new youngsters who are guaranteed to change generations.

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The English selector took advantage of the fans’ input to squeeze in Windsor Park and reminded them of “one night to remember”, one night. The three wins in the last four matches against Malta, Lithuania and Estonia do not make much sense.

In the spring of 2000, Baraklov took over as head coach. However, for his part, the U21 (6 wins in 10 matches in qualifying for the European Championship, beating defending champions Spain) did a great job. Rising to the top, the 50-year-old has promoted several U21 youngsters, five of whom won the title in Lithuania (4-1) last week. However, overall, the Northern Irish group does not have big names. With Johnny Evans (Leicester) injured, there is only one Premier player in the group, Jamal Lewis and the Norwich team (others play in the Lower Leagues, mainly in England and Scotland).

Possible forms

Northern Ireland: Peacock-Farrell; Smith, Cathart, Ballard, Lewis; Thompson, McCann, Davis, McGinn; Lowry, Washington.

Swiss: Summer; Widmer, Akanji, Elvedi, Rodriguez; Sow birth; Fasnach, Froeler, Zachariah, Suber; Sepherovic.

Referee: Lechner (Austria).

Note: Northern Ireland without Evans (injured), McNair (injured); Switzerland without Shakka (Kovid), Shakiri, Embolo (out of shape), Embabu and Benito (injured).

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