McCourt launches M 100M for a new project!

Frank McCourt

In an article from Les Echoes, we learn that Frank McCourt has released $ 100 million for a new project aimed at improving the use of personal data!

This Sunday evening, the media published an article with a lengthy statement by Les Echoes Frank McCourt. the reason? A new project started by the owner of the Olympic de Marseille with the aim of making the use of the Internet and special data more secure.

Personal data internet portals are used for their sole purpose and to guide our behavior – MCCOURT

Therefore, a quarter of the amount invested will be used for data protection. The rest will allow the McCourt Institute to find new partnerships. “We have signed agreements with Sciences Poe in France and Georgetown in the United States to rethink the web. “

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“I grew up in an Irish Catholic family in Boston, which respected the common good and benefited from capitalist democracy. In 2013, with the approval of the American community, I helped find a public policy school at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., for which I invested a total of $ 200 million, examining which part of the course. I was amazed at the public debate that took place during Donald Trump’s election in 2016, and I found that technology was a big part of the problem, perhaps the most important. Social media and observational capitalism polarize society, make dialogue impossible, and weaken credibility. Personal data is used by Internet portals to their sole advantage and to guide our behavior, while the network effects of this new economy increase inequality. “ Frank McCourt – Source: Echoes (06/20/21)

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