Mbabane joins Nadal King Ibrahimovic of Mexico on the performance of the XV in France … What to remember from a sports weekend

Mbabane joins Nadal King Ibrahimovic of Mexico on the performance of the XV in France ... What to remember from a sports weekend

On Saturday, February 26th and Sunday, February 27th there were big names in Park des Princesses, Murrayfield or Sunny Acapulco. Van Ert, he shone on the roads of the Flanders as the French basketball team continued its impeccable playoffs for the next Basketball World Cup.

Six Countries: Blues Size Capitals

France’s XV gets three-thirds. After their home victories against Italy and Ireland, the Blues traveled well in Edinburgh. When confronted with their pets in recent years, Fabian Galti’s people showed a sense of realism in the first act of balancing. But the second period was one-sided, with France proposing its rule at Murrayfield facing Scotland surrounded by the irresistible XV blue waves. Final score: 36-17, enough for the French to even apologize, not very accurate on foot (lost 10 points on penalties or failed conversions).

The Blues, who have not scored so many points in Scotland since 1998, are still pocketing an aggressive bonus point thanks to their six attempts. As a result, France are alone in the tournament before challenging Wales in Cardiff and Wales. Accept England for a meeting that may be final. In other matches over the weekend, the English took the Welsh painfully (23-19), much less than the tricolor flag-raising that took place on Saturday afternoon at the end of one match.

Although the score was more eloquent than the tricolor victory, Ireland’s victory at the expense of Italy on Sunday (57-6) did not give the impression of the same force. The weakness of the Transalpine opposition, which reduced it to 13 for much of the match, did not allow the XV of Clover to really calibrate. Without being forced, the green men can find themselves in second place and always expect a wrong step from the blues to win the tournament.

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Football: Mbabane joins PSG’s Pantheon with Ibrahimovic

Kylian Mbabane, the author of a double goal against AS St-Etienne, lived on a historic evening. The Parisians’ 3-1 victory was not because they were one step closer to the title, but because the Frenchman scored 156 goals with PSG. So why? He joins Slaton Ibrahimovic as the second best scorer in the history of the Paris Club. “Ibra, when you know what he did here, it is symbolic, I am on a high level, in a very closed circle. I can adapt to him, and if there are no big problems, I will overcome him.

In view of the unsatisfactory tricolor scorer: Edinson Cavani. “ED (Kawani) is left and we can see how it goes.. This, despite pointing out 200 goals with El Matador PSG. “To be the top scorer in PSG’s history, we can not spit on it, we will see what happens. Mbabane promised, so he sent a subtle message about his future, which could eventually be written in Paris.

It was also the subject of a banner in his honor at the Auto Bend on Saturday: “I’m happy to have the affection of people and supporters, and we’re playing for things like this. Of course this statistical performance side, but it makes an impression, it creates a bond, it touches me a lot, it’s the recognition of his family, that’s why we play.

Tennis: Nadal extends party in Acapulco

You can turn 35 and become the king of the night in Acapulco. Especially when your name is Rafael Nadal, you have already danced Australia, taking breaks in the nights in Melbourne. The Spaniard, who won his 21st Grand Slam title at the Australian Open, landed in Mexico with the same unrivaled tennis. After Daniel Medvedev was knocked out in the semifinals, Mallorca left Britain’s Cameron Norie with a chance in the final (6-4, 6-4).

Thanks to his 15th victory this year, Rafael Nadal won his 91st title at Acapulco after 2005, 2013 and 2020 with his fourth victory. Without conceding a set, his unbeaten streak began on August 5th. Manakor is still far from taming the bull.

Cycling: Van Ert is already in big gear

Gratin warns of world cycling: Ogre Vout van Ert is back. For the first game of the season, Jumbo-Wisma’s Cannibal 2.0 has already rolled out its horns. The Belgian champion, the favorite of the classic Het Newsblood, made his comeback on the road after cutting his season at the cyclo-cross. On the cobblestones of the Flanders Mountains, Van Airt allowed his teammates to enforce their law before flying as they approached Bosberg, 13 km from the finish line.

At his neck of the Italian Colebrelli – the winner of the last Paris-Rubaique – was the WVA lone cobblestone champion of the day, the flat country champion behind. A solo raid for the royal victory of the King of the Little Queen of Belgium who was not there “Just to prepare“The classic season with the Paris-Rubeix and the Flanders Tour are at the top of the list. Given the state of the form on display, his opponents have reason to shudder.

French basketball players exercise their rank

The French basketball team continued to make great strides with their second win (69-56) against Portugal at Matosinhos on Sunday in the 2023 World Cup qualifiers. Portugal, ranked 58th in the FIBA ​​rankings, are also on the verge of qualifying for the fourth consecutive victory.

However, not everything was perfect, with the Blues trailing by one point (35-34) at the break, only to be able to really take off and win in the final quarter.

After these two victories against Portugal and the victories against Montenegro (73-67) and Hungary (78-54) in November 2021, the Olympic vice-champions continue their impeccable course, despite the need for adjustments.

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