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Mazzette in the EU, Eva Kaili’s defense: “I have nothing to do with money. When I saw them at home, I asked my father to take them”

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It claims to have nothing to do with I 750 million euros The money was found during the inspection. Indeed, when he saw the money, “he immediately asked what it was They left the house” Father took it upon himself to do that. This is the line of defense Eva Search for, the former vice-president of the European Parliament is under investigation in a bribery scandal from Qatar and Morocco that has rocked European institutions. The Greek MEP once again claimed her innocence through her lawyer, while her accomplice was released from prison. Francesco Giorgi He admitted that he was handling the money of Qatar and Morocco. And asked release In Kylie. Both are in prison in Belgium Antonio Panzeriis considered by the researchers to be the best operator of Bribe round It was the Gulf emirate that led to the allegations Criminal association, Corruption E Recycling The federal prosecutor moved.

“I won’t be Iphigenia“, he announced that Search for. She doesn’t want to end up like her daughter Agamemnon e you Clytemnestra Coming from Greek mythology Sacrificed. “Kylie had nothing to do with the money that was found, except that she was in the house where the money was found,” she said today. Michalis DimitrakopoulosLawyer for Greek MEP and her family, on Greek TV ANT1. “All of Ms Kylie’s actions and initiatives have been endorsed by the European Parliament. was not A personal agenda “For Ms Kylie, everything was a political decision of the European Council and the Commission, not just the European Parliament and Ms Metzola,” he argued. Dimitrakopoulos.

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However, the most delicate part is about the huge amount, across all categories Twenty and fifty euros, found during the search. At 750 thousand euros, 600 thousand euros They were one Suitcase in possession Padre, the rest at Kyle’s house. However, the lawyer fulfills the responsibility of his partner, Francesco Giorgi: “He confirms what Mrs. Kayleigh says about the money: everything happened in those hours, when Kayleigh saw the money, he had nothing. Convincing answer upon them origin I asked immediately The money left the house. His father took responsibility To be the courier, because it was not there There is no one else“. Kylie finally showed understanding through her lawyer about being fired from the position of Vice President of the European Parliament: “If I were president, I would have done the same until the case. It will not clarify“.

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Panzeri and Moroccan diplomat at center of EU bribery probe. In 2012 he took it to Unity Day and said: “Europe is funding countries in North Africa”.


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